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Kodak/Wang Imaging OCX's

Jambyte asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-06-21
How come i can't select a thumbnail when using the IMGTHUMB.OCX i have tried the Kodak and Wang version. Also, how come when i move my app another system. (the other system has the same controls (kodak) that i used to make the app) it requires me to insert the controls again?  i know your not supost to distrubute these controls, but they do come with windows so if i distrute my app i would like it to take advantage that these controls are allready on the users machine (if they have installed imageing) last question: what is the diffrence between Kodak's controls and Wang's controls?  Any help would be great!
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For the Thumbnail, I don't have any idea. You should contact the support team.

The main difference between Kodak and Wang control is the way they save tiff files.

The files saved by Wang can not be read under Unix, but Kodok does it. I don't remember the both formats.


anyone else have info on this?

The answer was not good (partially)?


you basicly told me everything i allready knew. my main question was how come i can't select the thumbnail's.

Assuming you are using the Wang Edit Control to display the image, have you put something like this in the Thumnail_Click event?
Private Sub ImgThumbnail1_Click(ByVal ThumbNumber As Long)
    ImgEdit.Page = ThumbNumber
    ImgEdit.Display '*If you have imgEdit control AutoRefresh   Property set to False
End Sub


no i didn't im not using the edit control.  i have come to the conclution that only the Registered version of Windows Imaging will alow you to select thumbnails and put a boarder around the selected thumbnail. Thank you both for your help.

I use the "vanilla" Wang control all the time... never have problems with the Thumbnail control.... even Annotation Images or custom Caption formats.... the ThumbSelected property and DeselectAllThumbs methods (as well as all others) also work..


Setting to True puts a border around appropriate thumb

Good luck


thomfl yeah that works.  can you help me make a rutine that selects Thumbs and, alows selection for multi thumbs when the user holds down shift? i can't get it to unselect and select muti selection to work. im using the IMGTHUMB.OCX by the way.
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Sorry about last post... i was just answering FoxPro questions, and the Fox syntax moved in

Concept is the same in VB.....

Set the thumnail ThumbSelected(thumbnumber) to the boolean NOT of it's present condition.
imgThumbnail.ThumbSelected(thumbnumber) = _

Sorry for the blunder.
Any help?

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