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DateTimePicker control translation

maries032698 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-20
Any idea about how, if it is possible at all, to make the DateTimePicker control display the Days of the week and its Title in French? This control is part of Microsoft's Common control library.
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Have you tried using the SetLocale features available to Win32?  I haven't tried them with the DateTimePicker, but I would assume that changing your locale to France would automatically update the date controls to display the month/day in the appropriate language.



Do you need more info on SetLocale?  There is a Microsoft website 'Going Global' that has some papers on locale information.


I think it may be a little more than that.   I worked on a project where we did a dutch & french version of it.  The answer may be as simple as installing a 'french' version of windows on your test machine.  The french localized files and data will be already in the dll's shipped with that version of windows.

I don't know that control, but if it is well done, it is suposed to get the date format from the system.  So if you are runing a French System, i think that it is better to use or create an other control.

Otherwise, you need a french version of windows


It is bad form to answer a question with the same answer as the comments given previously to the user.  


What's worse is you start out saying you don't know about the control.  Getting a date from the system isn't the issue its the 'text' on the control.

As for your answer of using 'french' windows, didn't I suggest that (see: Thursday, September 10 1998 - 09:40AM PDT )?


Thanks for the answers. But the problem is a little more complicated than having the French version of windows installed. The application in question must change languages on the fly from English to French and vice versa thorugh a menu item. So, I am, in fact, wondering if there is any style or way to change the text (title and days of the week) of the control. Or could I import the control into VC++ resource editor and create the french version?


Seriously, have you tried SetLocale?  There's a really good chance that it would work.


In the Windows DDK is the function LoadTable.  Modifying the keyboard driver in the system.ini file, then calling LoadTable will let you at runtime change the keyboard codes from English to French or what ever language you choose to interpret the keyboard codes.

When you do a loadtable, you are changing the behaviour of the keyboard...  

This with SetLocale may prove to be use.

Definitely try the SetLocale first though.

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> Did you guys really mean you wanted to call SetLocaleInfo()?

Yep.  Thanks for the clarification!

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