HP DraftPro Plotter Windows 95/98 Driver

I need specific driver for Windows 95/98 or AutoCAD R14, LT97 for HP DraftPro Plotter, Model No. 7570A.

The current driver I have (Win 98 driver) doesn't work. Message 'printer is offline or not ready' appear while the plotter is actually in ready mode.
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Have you hit the HP web page? They have all current drivers available for download.

The 7570A, that's a serial plotter, no?

Umm, if that plotter is the one I think it is you may be out of luck. If that plotter is old, but servicable, it may be a HP-GL only (vs HP-GL2) plotter. All of the current plotter drivers for HP are HP-GL2 and will not work with the older plotters.

Plotters require special drivers because, unlike regular printers, they are bi-directional devices. That is to say that the plotter doesn't just accept data, it engages the system in a dialog. This is why you can't really use print spoolers and such with them.

1- Befor you change your driver, i suggest that you make sure that the printer's serial dip
switches or front panel serial settings are set to EVEN PARITY and that the baud rate is set to 9600 BAUD (look at the printer's user's guide for the right settings ).
2- make sure that your printer settings at the control pannel / printers are : 9600 baud,
8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, hardware flow control.
3- If this dosent work, check at the printer properties the setting of the TRANSMISSION RETRY, usually it is set by default to 45, if so, change it to 9000

If all fails you can use a driver by WinLine, which is an alternative driver that can be used insted of the drivers that ship with Microsoft Windows or insted of the HP drivers.
you can look at the WinLine web site for more info at : www.winline.com 
WinLine DO have a driver that supporting your ploter, and it DO work under win95/98/NT PERFECTLY ...and DO have FULL Applications Compatibility for AutoCad
Sure it cost money but belive me it worth it !
you can get it and more info ( and the price for your particular driver ) at :
Company name : Design Automation Systems Inc.
Address : 2632 E. Thomas Road, Suite 105, Phoenix AZ 85016-8220
Tel: (602) 955 2223
Fax: (602) 955 9044
email: Jason-Mehlhop@Design-Automation.com
web: www.design-automation.com
welsonAuthor Commented:
ACScomm answer or explaination is much better.
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welson :
Thank you for your comment, ( and what can I say, I must agree...<g>)
So one question... why did you accepted the not so satisfying and incomplete answer ?
By the way, if you are not a US resident, and need anothe contact info, let me know
welsonAuthor Commented:
Well... First: I'm a new user. Second: To be fair. Generally, there is truth in it but not specific.
welson :
First, wellcome to the Expert exchange :)
I would addvise you to read the HELP section to learn How Experts Exchange® Works.
I wish you all the best and hope you will get quality for all your future questions.
Hey, if he's not satisfied with the points, it's ok with me for operations to give them back.


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