Help With 2 Option boxes in VB 4

Ok, I have two option box arrays...1 and 2...but In the program it will only let me click on one option box at a time...I need to make 2 seperate ones for each array how do I do that?
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wj7sterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Put each option box array on a seperate container control (i.e a picturebox or frame).  You will the be able to select one option for each array.
Klueny2Author Commented:
Dont mean to sound dumb, I'm kinda beginning on this, but how would you make it?...Sorry, I knda a little more detail than most.
Say you have 2 arrays of option boxes called optArray1() and optArray2() and there are 4 elements (optionboxes) in each array.  You will then have a total of 8 options boxes, right?

They will be:



If you want to select one option from each array of optionboxes, you have to put each array of option boxes on its own, seperate container control.  (A container control is a control that can be the parent of other control, i.e, the Picturebox and Frame controls are examples of such)

If you place 2 pictureboxes (Picture1 and Picture2) on a form, and you put the first array of option boxes (optArray1()) on Picture1 and the second array of option boxes (optArray2()) on Picture2, then you will be able to select one of the options from optArray1() and one option from optArray2().

This is also valid, even if you don't create a control array (array of option boxes in this case).  You can group all option boxes from which the user can only select one option on its owner container control.

I hope this answers your question.

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Klueny2Author Commented:
Picture Box=Image?       
Klueny2Author Commented:
n/m that last question...BUt the problem now is...the first option of the array made is always matter which button I hit.       
Can you please rephrase that last question?


Klueny2Author Commented:
Ok...When I did that...The first option of the array is always on (dot is inside of it). No matter what other option I click, the first button of the array has the dot in it.
Try setting the 'Value' property of the option box that you want to be selected to 'True'.  If you don't want any optionbox to be selected, set all optionboxes' 'Value' property to 'False'.

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