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winhlp32.exe "not enough memory to run"

wingmongyee asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-28
Just upgraded from win95 to win98. Cannot access help in
most of my windows programs. Either I get the error message
or else nothing happen. If I try to use the contextual help
(question mark on cursor), nothing happens either.
The new win98 help files work fine. Can anyone help?
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did you check the filesize of winhlp32.exe? maybe it is corrupted and to large. check it against the executable of win95 and win98.
Since you are using Win 98, run sfc, and try to restore winhlp32.exe


I extracted WINHLP32.exe and it worked...
I could access the normal help on my windows programs...
that is only until I used Help on some other Microsoft programs
using the new win98 help (*.chm file), then it modifies WINHLP32.EXE
and the problem is back..
What's wrong???


Problem solved itself!
In fact I discovered a virus called WIN95.MARBURG.A on my computer. It was all over
my 2 hard disks. The AVP virus checker got rid of it, and the problem seems to have fixed
itself the next day, so I think the virus must have been causing it. The virus is a new one
that was widely spread a month or two ago as it was on the cover disk of a computer
games mag (PC Gamer, I think). That's where I got the virus from. THUNDERBYTE, the
Virus checker I used (until 2 days ago!) never saw it, but AVP did as soon as I tried it. I'm now using AVP!
Do you have a copy of the virus still. Does McAfee v3.2.0 detect this virus.
e-mail it to me on jl-uvc@usa.net as a .ZIP file please

Try to increase the swap file, that may help.

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Right answer, except I'd post the solution before the answer was proposed.
And at the time I found the solution, Thunderbyte couldn't find the virus.
Only AVP could.

Thanks anyway.
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