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PropertySheet Icon

How could i add an icon to the title bar for a propertysheet?. I am developing under Visual C++ 1.52.
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MohammedFahmiAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
Do you mean the Titlebar of the dialog that contains the PropertySheet, or the headers of the tabs?
Do you mean the Titlebar of the dialog that contains the PropertySheet, or the headers of the tabs?
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MohammedFahmiAuthor Commented:
I am sorry, may be you misunderstod me, i need to add an icon for the whole propertysheet but not for the TABs. Notice the image in the URL that you sent "http://www.codeguru.com/propertysheet/tab_image.shtml", the titlebar "Property Sheet" missing the icon.
Let assume that each Property Page has an Icon member: HICON m_hIcon.
In constructor or OnInitDialog you can load an Icon Bitmap from resources: m_hIcon = AfxGetApp()->LoadIcon( IDI_ICONID ).
Than in Property Page function OnSetActive() you can have something like: AfxGetApp()->GetMainWnd()->SetIcon( m_hIcon, FALSE );
You can also set "big" app icon passing TRUE as second parameter.
In my example an icon would change depending of selected Property Page.
It works just fine!
MohammedFahmiAuthor Commented:
I am very sory, i need it under MS VC++ 1.52, this mean under 16 bit Developing.
Do you want run your app only under Win95 and above?
If it`s true you can make this steps:

1. Derive your own class from CPropertySheet
2. Owerride OnCreate function.

int CMyProperty::OnCreate(LPCREATESTRUCT lpCreateStruct)
    if (CPropertySheet::OnCreate(lpCreateStruct) == -1)
        return -1;
    m_hIcon = ::LoadIcon(AfxGetInstanceHandle(), "ico name");
    ::SetClassLong(m_hWnd, GCW_HICON, (WORD)m_hIcon);
    return 0;

4. Owerride OnDestroy

void CMyProperty::OnDestroy()
    ::SetClassLong(m_hWnd, GCW_HICON, NULL);
    // free resource
5. It`s all

Under Win16 it`s more complex (due to Win16 do not draw icon at window caption automatically):
you must owerride OnNCPaint message and draw this icon manualy.
code may look like this:
afx_msg void CMyProperty::OnNcPaint( )
HDC hdc = ::GetWindowDC(m_hWnd); // dc of the entire window
int nBorderWidth = ::GetSysMetrics(SM_CYBORDER);
int nxOffset = ::GetSysMetrics(SM_CYCAPTION);
// You can set clipping region here
::DrawIcon(hdc, nxOffset, nBorderWidth, m_hIcon);
::ReleaseDC(m_hWnd, hdc);

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