Web database.

I'm going to make a small web database (but may be it will grow) but I'm not sure what application I must use.

I'm thinkg about msql or something similar. Any help?

Please point me to the diferent posibilities and if they are free aplications or commertial.

Thanks in advance.
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MasseyMConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are using an NT server, you can use MS Access database with an ASP front-end.  msql, in my opinion, s an overkill if you want to maintain small amounts of data...
xabiAuthor Commented:
No, I'm not ussing NT. It will run under Un*x, maybe SunOS
I think on the Unix, you have plenty of Database for you to use. Such as Sybase, Oracle, etc.
Also, there are some free database for you. Such as MiniSQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL.
MiniSQL(mSQL) and MySQL runs very quick, but it lacks some key feature such as VIEW, Transaction.
You can download the PostgreSQL at http://www.postgresql.org
MySQL can be downloaded at http://www.mysql.com

Hope it helps
there is a cool module to interface database like mySQL and the WEB: look at: http://www.php.net  If you like C you will like it...
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