Can Delphi programe deassembled

I'd like to know is there any way to deassemble Delphi programs ( exe files ). Can any one know my procedures and functions, can any one change them and change constants, types, variables and so on and the programs that deassemble exe files. In which langauge the source will be decoded ?. I'd like to know more information about deassembling specially with Delphi. I hope that Delphi programs cann't be deassembled.

Motaz from Sudan.
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d003303Connect With a Mentor Commented:
you will definaltely see that your app was coded in Delphi. There is also a demo program on the DSP that can recover your Delphi forms fromout executeables. See
for the full source.
Delphi stores the form layouts in the apps resources. These resources can be exported with simple API functions. But any app has resources bound into it that can also be exported. Mainly any dialog in any windowed app that is contained in a resource can be copy/pasted into a completely different project.


only the layout. Not the code bound to it. Recovering code is, as I said, veeerry difficult or impossible. Delphi produces high-efficinet assembler code. So all your programming is safe, no worries.
There seem to be possibilities to encrypt your form resources, but I haven't seen on yet.

Hope this helps,
Reverse-Engineering/De-Assembling is pretty difficult. You won't get your Delphi code back in its normal form, once the app is compiled. The only thing you can get are the form resources, i.e. layout and properties of the components on the form set at design time.
A while ago, Visual Basic programs were pretty good for Reverse-Engineering, the VB compiler generated a P-code that yould be restored to its entire VB-Listing.
Because Delphi generates very efficient native assembler code, this is not possible that easy.

MotazAuthor Commented:
Thanks d00, but I need more information.
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what information ? Please specify.

Some of your of your code can be disassembled...Delphi puts alot of RTTI info in the executable that can disassembled.  I don't know of any product that can disasseble a 100% of your code...but here's a product that claims to disassemble part of your dpr...

EXE2DPR - Delphi project sources Rescuer. Version 1.0 (15/12/97)

If you lose your Delphi 2.0/3.0 project source, but remain executable file,
then this tool can rescue part of lost sources.

Rescuer produces all project forms and data modules with all assigned
properties and events. Produced event procedures don't have a body (it's
not a decompiler... yet:) ), but have an address of code in executable file.

In most cases, I think, Rescuer saves 50-90% of your time to projects


Dmitriy Goldobin (, FidoNet 2:5010/58.25, )
Software Development Department of Electronic Microsystems.
Chelyabinsk, Russia.

Hope this helps...
MotazAuthor Commented:
Beside this information I'd like to hide my code, I don't want any one to diassemble my Delphi program. For example hide procedures name and parameters, constants. I don't want other people even know that program build by Delphi.

Motaz from Sudan.
MotazAuthor Commented:
Sorry D00, but you can answer again.
MotazAuthor Commented:
Thanks Slash, thanks all of you.

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