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Not C, but Clipper ???

connerb asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-15
How do I code in Printer Codes??  I have the codes, but don't know how to implement them to the program?????
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What do you mean by "Printer Codes" ? Control codes (escape sequences) ?

I used to write using clipper (back in '85) problem is I don't remember what the api's are that it offers.


I need to put in the printer command codes that change the format of the printer, like line spacing and lpi, the codes are=> ESC C 2767 1B43 and that is supposed to tell the printer to print 8 lines per inch.  But I do not know how to put them into clipper.  Maybe you know another way?

The escape sequences are just like any other text - the difference is the way the printer interpretes them.
Just print the codes as a text.

2767 is the decimal representation of ESC C.
1B43 is the hexadecimal.

I do remember clipper used to brag about including everything including the kitchen sink....
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thanks for the answer, I actually had it answered, you pretty much got it, i guess if points your after, i'll increase them.
thanks again....
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