How to remove "Edit Page" function in Netscape Communicator 4.04

Posted on 1998-09-10
Last Modified: 2006-11-17
I am a teacher teaching HTML. I only want my kids to write web page code using note pad but not using Editor in Netscape communicator which will be installed in the classroom computers.
Can anyone suggest to me how to remove the "Edit Page" function  ?
Another question is : The AOL message always comes up whenever the computer starts (AOL is not in the Startup folder though). How to prevent this ?
Thank you.
Question by:man_15
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Expert Comment

ID: 1816965
Ok, off the top of my head, here we go.  With Internet Explorer, the edit button is automatically created when an html file has been given and "Edit" option.  I think the same is true for Netscape.  Here is how to change it.  Open up Windows Explorer, go to View->Options. Then click on the file types tab.  Out of all the file types listed, one should be for files ending in htm or html.  Once you find it, click on it and hit the Edit button.  In the window that pops up there is a place for Actions.  One should be Edit.  Click on it and hit the Remove button.  Then click on the Ok buttons until you are back at Windows explorer.  Start up Netscape and that should do it.  Remember, I am not sure if this will work for Netscape.  If there is not an Edit option when you get there, then don't change anything.  Otherwise, you should be fine.  Let me know how it turns out.

Author Comment

ID: 1816966

There is no such counterpart in Netscape Communicator as in IE.
Then I go to Edit -> Preference ->Navigator -> Application -> HTML . If I hit Remove, HTML webpage cannot be opened any more which is not my intention.


Accepted Solution

trekkie earned 150 total points
ID: 1816967
Ok, that was an off the top of my head answer.  Now for one that was a bit more thought out.  I assume you are using Netscape 4.0 or higher right?  If so, here is what I suggest.  Somewhere in one of Netscape's install directories is a file called netscape.cfg.  In it there are settings values that control how various parts of the browser work.  The syntax required for these settings is config( "name", "value" ). One such config value which may not be there but can be used is:
This value needs to be set to true.  If what I just told you is difficult to figure out, you can go to the page:
This is where I found this information and it has a lot more ways you can customize Netscape.

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Author Comment

ID: 1816968
Dear trekkie,
I went to communicator and found netscape.cfg in the "Program" folder, prefs.js in the "Users" folder but did not find config.jsc .
I opened  netscape.cfg with note pad and the content was some non-understandable code.
I opened prefs.js and put "user_pref("browser.editor.disabled", true);" in it. Then went to the netscape browser and found that the function "Edit Page" was still there.

Help please ....

Expert Comment

ID: 1816969
Sorry, that was my bad.  I remembered that version 3.0 of the Navigator allowed one to edit the cfg file for specific things and when I found the page I refered you too, I assumed that was the case for 4.0.  It turns out you need Netscape Mission Control which is not cheap in order to compile the cfg file now and make custom Navigator installations.  I am afraid I don't know how you can get rid of that edit button without spending some money.  But, if I were you, I would just uninstall Communicator and install the stand-alone Navigator 4.0 which does not include composer.  True, you would then also not have an e-mail client and newsgroup reader, but do you need that for every computer?  If that does not sound good, then reject my answer and unlock the question.  I am now curious if anyone else knows how to get rid of that button without uninstalling Communicator itself.

Author Comment

ID: 1816970
Dear Trekkie,

Finally, I decide to use the Navigator 4.06 Standalone version for my kids.
Thank you for your suggestion.

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