Adding A Harddisk.....

I have just inserted my 1gig !Dos! hd, linux finds it when it start linuxup , but the problem is how can I make make it like my other Dos partions I already have in linux. I have /Dos and /Dos2 and i want to add my new hd as /Dos3.
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matpaeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
make a directory /Dos3 and in your /etc/fstab make the folowing
/dev/hd?? /Dos3  msdos  defaults 1 1
if the partition is a Dos-Partition
/dev/hd?? /Dos3  vfat defaults 1 1
if the partition is a Windows95-Partition

Replace hd?? with the correct name from your partition

Bye - Mathias
joarAuthor Commented:
Sorry man, but I found it out my self....
joarAuthor Commented:
I found it out my self.....sorry, but thanx anyway
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