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Iomega Zip printer problems

pcaps asked
Last Modified: 2010-04-27
I have several Iomega Zip drives (external) that cause printing problems.  On machines that are hooked to our Netware 4.1 network ONLY.  We can print from the printer once after bootup but it prints gibberish everytime we print after that.  The problem goes away if I disconnect the Zip and hook the printer directly to the LPT port.  The Zip drive has no problems at all (other than the printer pass through it seems.).  Any suggestions?
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have you'll looked for any conflicts
control panel>system and double click on your printer and zip drive while connected to see if theres any conflicts

Many printers have trouble when they are not directly connected to the parlell port.  The best solution is to have 2nd printer ports installed. (they are only about $15 ea.)

If this is unacceptable, check your printer's manufactuer's web site and see if they have any sugestions for attaching the printer through a ZIP drive.
Also, check to see that you have the latest drives for your ZIP and Printer


I have thought of those things but the kicker to the whole deal is the problem only shows up on networked computers.  I have checked for conflicts and there are no memory or IRQ conflicts.

You said youself that the problem goes away if the printer is hooked directly to the port, therefore my solution would work.  Again, i sugest getting the latest drivers.

As to why this only happens on networked computers, I can only sugest that the network software is somehow interfearing with the zip-printer relationship.  These things are very 'delicate' even when they do work.

Many people have problem with Iomega ZIP or Imation Super Drive.
Me too !!
Same Network ( Novell 4.11 with rprinter - nptwin95 ) and Imation drive !!!
With or without rprinter we have problem.
Mlaisso is correct.
Many printers have trouble when they are not directly connected to the paralell port. The best solution is to have 2nd printer ports installed.


Parallel Port isn't a good bus. It's a basic bidirectionnal parallel bus.
There is no ID like SCSI BUS !!!
No ID <> conflict with peripherals ....


mlaiosa, submit your answer again and I will give you the points, I think that may be my only choice (second LPT port.).
1- Which printer is connected to the zip drive
2- Does it require BioDirectional support (if no-turn it off)
3- What printer port type are you using
    If ECP change to EPP and if that does not work change to Standard
The only printers I have never gotten to work on this setup is a Canon BubbleJet. Never had problems with HPs, Epson, etc.  But ECP most likely is the problem.  IF you need more details on how to change it let me know.    
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