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How can i play an AVI file in vb5, but i want the image to appear in my own location, without the MCI control to apperar. ie. My own control buttons,play,stop,pause
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wj7sterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use the Animation control.  This control is part of 'Microsoft Windows Common Controls 2 5.0' which is contained in comct232.ocx
and should be on your system if you have VB5 installed.
abidsmlAuthor Commented:
can u please sending a sample code on a form contain a picture box to view the file in it.
Put a picturebox on a form, and put this Animation control on the picturebox. The animation control can be made transparent.

Hope this helps.
abidsmlAuthor Commented:
to my experience, i am confused about the subject, if u put a sample to follow i will appreciate that.
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