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blended transparent gif

johnh619 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-27
can you describe to me how to make a transparent gif which
is a white bar next to a black bar into a blended image such
that white is the transparent color and it uses a color
palette of 2 for black and white. If reasoned that if it was
grayscale then I would only have a very thin strip of white
on one edge to be the transparent color. So I want the pixels in the middle areas all to be either black or white
with no grays. Then all the white pixels will become
the transparent color and I will get some image feed through
in the middle area where the white pixels are. I tried a
blur attempt using the standard blur image filter but this
is no good at all. What I want to do id to make an image
which is  the same size as a planet map. A planet map is a
rectangular map which can be mapped onto a sphere and rotated. I want to make another rectangle having one half
black and then superimpose this overr the planet sphere to
simulate the night area. I could make slightly less than half black and then have a narrow area band on each black
to transparent trasition area which is the blended strip
which I want you to help me with. Also I considered making
the black half to be less than 100% black and have some
of the pixels to be white and transparent to similate moon
light on a planets darkened half. Thanks
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I just read what I wrote and it seemed confusing. In any case the
thing is suppose to be to replace and entire java applet which
creates a twilight area on a rotating planet. The applet is too
large and I figure a transparent gif overlay would be much simpler. The finished gif I wish you to explain would look like
a sphere with a black hemispher for the night side and it would
have a twilight area which I wish you to explain to me. The whole
idea is based on the idea of limiting the color palette to two
colors of black and white and letting white be transparent. It
must be a palette of 2. And then also the black half of the
planet can be the same with a palette of two and some white
blended in to be the transparent color. thanks
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