Linux commands and speacial usage

I want to learn about the commands of linux and there brief notes at earliest. I knew how  to install it but don't know how to use it .please help me in this regard.
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rleytonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A good source of help are the various books on Linux, or Unix in General. A book that I can highly recommend for a good overview of the various commands is "Unix in a nutshell" - it'll explain how to use more or less every command.

However, if you've never come across Unix before, it might be a bit too technical. Try one of the 'Learn Linux in 21 day' type books, or "Unix for Dummies" - all good books aimed at new comers. And if money is a premium, then as the earlier comment suggests - take a look at the Linux documentation project.

Some other good URL's:

asimnewAuthor Commented:
Your help will be highly appreciated.
You can start with Linux Documentation Proyect at
linuxhq is a good entry point to know about linux. You should visit the home page of your distribution also!

Good Luck
asimnewAuthor Commented:
You have done good job after sending me the urls of unix related sites afterall i need site with complete commands of linux which can easily be run and understand.

Thanks once again for ur co-operation.

Asim Bashir
Ooops, it's:


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