Win95 Upgrade from Win 3.11

When running setup for Win95 upgrade on a Win 3.11 machine I either get an error message or fall out to the dos C: prompt. The machine is a 486DX with 16 MB and about 70MB free hard disk space.I've tried running setup again opting for safe recovery but no luck. The error does not appear to occur at the same place each time.Any help would be appreciated. This is a school machine and I have 11 more to upgrade. ( have only tried this one so I don't know how the others will go).Thank you.
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nazerothConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok... why don't you try this:
1) remove everything from the config.sys (just keep device=c:\dos\himem.sys)
2) Same on autoexec.bat... rename it to autoexec.w95 or something
3) run install again
If this doe'sn't work... get the latests version of an antivirus... may work... run antivirus if it's not a virus... then try some memory tester like amidiag  or similar

that GFP error is related to memory problems it may be that there's not enough memory or that some simms are defective.

s23, machine...have you done a proper virus check?
Is there anyway you can free up some disk space, run 'scandisk' and delete any filexxxx.chk files, empty your 'temp' directory (not from within Windows).  Ensure you have a decent amount of free base memory (may need to run 'memmaker' or optimise it manually)  Once you have done all this try again to re-install but don't choose the 'safe recovery' option.  Good luck!
I don't think you've got enough free disk space to do an upgrade.  You need more like 100MB free to do a minimal upgrade installation.
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what is the error
s23Author Commented:
Will try your suggestion at school tomorrow.

The error was a "General Protection Error".
Definitely not enough disk space for the installation!  
have u typed in the cd-key when it asked??
s23Author Commented:
Sorry for the delay in my reply. Education Week!
Low memory may part of the problem but it seems it's not the only cause. Are the below all memory related?

Today's Effort:
*Deleted all applications I could identify which gave 92.7MB. The Hard Drive has 200MB capacity. Ran Scandisk.
*Setup froze at Setup options screen after selecting Minimal and clicking Next.
*Repeated giving same result
*Repeated choosing Safe recovery and this time choose Typical. Got as far has Selecting Windows components giving error SUWIN caused a NOT PRESENT FAULT in module USER>EXE at 000B:0091. Closed dialogue and able to return to Win 3.11.
*Shut Down, restarted machine and ran Memmaker as suggested earlier. Answered Yes to all suggested options.
*ran setup again. dropped out to dos c: prompt after initial phase reached 100% complete. Repeated with same result.

I'm ready to throw the thing out the window! What should I do now?

Yes CD key was typed in when requested.
I'd say you need STILL more room on the HD.But Win95 should notify you of this politely - not just bomb out.Have you tried running Win95's SETUP from DOS?
s23Author Commented:
No, I have not run setup from DOS. I would like to give it a go but I assume this would rule out returning to a Win 3.11 environment if things go wrong.
No,you should still have that option.Setup will only stay in DOS until W95 reboots into it's temporary GUI.From that point on,I would think there is no difference from having started it through W3X,other than W3X hasn't been given a chance to screw things up.
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