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Pagemaker 6.5 damaged file

mcss01 asked
Last Modified: 2010-04-25
Pagemaker 6.5 file, 54 meg.  System crashed whenever saving the file.  Now system freezes, sometimes with a bomb, when ever trying to reopened.  Tried every thing PageMaker support suggested in tech document they sent titled "Unopeneable Publication Troubleshooting Guide for Macintosh PageMaker."  Client REALLY needs file.  (No Backup, of course)
MacTools doesn't work  Any ideas????
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open the document when you can. select all. copy. create a new document. paste. close old document. save new document OVER the old document. your problems should go away. this works well with wacky illustrator documents as well. for some reason layout programs have weird issues when repeatedly saved. the linked files create problems but im not sure of the specifics.


The document has become UNopenable.  SO I can NOT select anything. Pagemaker attempts to open it and the system freezes. I need a way to open the document and tell PageMaker NOT to try to link anything.  I've broken all the links and have tried to link to other simple files, but NO luck.  

hmm...if you cant open it at all youre rooked. you will probably have to redo the file.

E-mail me the doc (Don't forget to BinHex it first), I'm not promising anything, but I may be able to convert it to QuarkXpress.
Tried doing file down to open from within PageMaker?
Had a look at its type and creator?
Tried copying it to a new location?

Opening up the doc on a PC saving it, then opening it up on a Mac can
also fix stuff like this.
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If all else fails, use "Canopener". Extract text or graphics and build a new layout (preferably in Quark) A 54 meg Ragemaker file sounds a bit hairy. Ragemaker is very prone to corrupting files, especially when they are that large. If you have Quark, use "Markzware" Pagemaker->Quark converter-Xtension, it might work.If you don't have Quark, try finding a Service Bureau that might be able to open/convert the file.

Also it sounds as if the graphics are embeded in the file (probably why the file is so large), so trying to "unklink" will do no good.

good luck


Case closed...document has been recreated from scratch.
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