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dialtone problem

savolink asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-27
56k acer pci int v.90 w/voice modem appears to be fully installed but when I try to connect there is no dailtone
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Some phone connection have no dialtone. Try ATX3 with your modem init string.

You probably have a cable problem. Make sure the phone outlet is live, and yhe cord is connected to the phone jack of the modem. Also try another phone cord.

rbr - That has to be the funniest answer I've ever seen.  Thanks for the laugh.

The only reason for telling the modem not to wait for a dial tone would be if it was fried and couldn't detect one either way (struck by lightning causes this).  All phone lines have a dial tone, that's what makes them phone lines.

savolink -  follow public's suggestion and if no joy, contact Acer for possible defective hardware.  Essentially, treat it as if you plugged a brand new phone into a jack and didn't get a dial tone, what would you do?


I have a 56K acer modem attached to the same phone line and  I am using the same cable. . I am sending this message via the same. Since Win 95 diagnostics suggests the modem is working and Dial up Networking is funtioning properly, the problem has to do with the pentium motherboard and the install or there is a defect in the modem.

To brooks: Sorry but that's not true. My phone line has no dialtone since I must dial a 0 to get an open phone line.

Can you give any information about your modem init string, the things you have already tried and about your OS.

Motherboard problem is unlikely. What happens when you try more info command in modem properties?
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It could be that the S6 register is set too short to detect a dialtone try going higher do the following in Hyper Terminal

Lightning...probably fried the coil in the relay that picks up the line or the transistors that drive the relay.  RMA and play dumb.  DOA, etc.


It could be that the relay is fried. To test to see if the modem is detcting line voltage at all go into Hyper Terminal and type
ATZ   <eneter>
ATS0=2  <enter>

Then have some one call the modem. Do you see a ring on the screen?

A better test is to go to Hyper Terminal and type ATH, ATH1, ATH, ATH1, etc and listen for the clicking of the relay.  OR, plug in an extention phone to the back of the modem and do the same.  Most modems today will DISCONNECT the extention line when you pick up the "HOOK".  You should hear the relay "CLICK" easily through the extension phone or any other phone in the house.


As you have to dial 0 for presumably an outside line, do you also have call waiting etc on this?  if you do and this results in an intermittant tone the modem will never dial.  You will have to remove this and then dial up.  If not again depending whether you go through an exchange, if it is a particularly old system it just may not be send the correct type of signal, and the card is therefore unable to interpret it.

> do you also have call waiting etc on this?
> if you do and this results in an intermittant tone
> the modem will never dial.

Use 'ATS6=5' if the intermittent-tone lasts '5' seconds,
or 'ATS6=0' to _NOT_ wait for dial-tone before dialing.
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