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.SYS conversion

Undertow asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-06
how do I make an animated .SYS file for the boot and shutdown images in Win95/98?
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As the .SYS files used for boot and shutdown images are actually bitmaps with a different extension, and there is no such thing as an animated bitmap, I would suggest that it isn't possible.

But I may be wrong so I will only add this as a comment.



yeah, you're wrong.  I have custom ones installed on my machine as we speak.
To clarify...

You have asked how to get animated boot and shutdown screens, by this I assume you mean an effect similar to an animated gif - yes?
You say that you have "custom ones" already installed - are these already animated or are they just non-animated non-standard screens?

If you simply want to create you own non-standard boot and shutdown screens I suggest looking at this site which explains the steps you will want to follow....
If you are looking to create animated sequences I would suggest that some other piece of software is doing this for you.  As I have said above, I don't think there is such a thing as an animated bitmap, and the SYS files are bitmaps.


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that'll do it.  I didn't know the DOS switches to convert the .BMPs to the .SYS and make it animate.  If you were wondering, I have a completely different image as an intro splash.  It has a strobing blue/white sphere in the middle of it...  I'm assuming they are the same colors as the default Win95 screen.  Maybe the file is automatically animated through the color palette somewhere else...just as long as it's a blue variant/hue.  

The DOS switches are simply to make the file visible and editable. Since it's hidden/system/readonly it won't show in a directory listing and 90% of the users will never stumble across it. You should mark your file back to that state:


The change from .BMP to .SYS is simply a rename




I've already messed with the original logo.sys, etc.  I didn't know it was a simple rename operation.  You don't know anything about strobing the color palette though, do you?  That in essence is what I'm really looking for...
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