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Printing from Quark on Macintosh TO Windows NT network printer

sswart asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-13
I am having a devil of a time printing from a Macintosh to a Windows NT network printer (Hewlett Packard 4-Plus). I have no trouble printing from Netscape or the Finder, but I get nothing but postscript errors from the printer pages when I use Quark Xpress 3.3, 4.0 and Adobe Photoshop 4.0. I have tried sending the pages using a General Postscript driver, ASCII and binary encoding, everything I can think of. The pages are not getting hung up in the NT Print Queue- they are coming out of the printer as a list of postscript errors like "%%nostringval..."

I am using a G3 300 Mhz, running Mac OS 8.1
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What HP Printer Driver are you using?
Last time I had this problem it was because the printer driver I was using for the HP printer wasn't either 1) The right one or 2) The latest one.
Hook over to www.hp.com and try a few different drivers.
There's not a Mac driver for the 4 + tho - but there is a few.
Try some of them out, I can't remember now which one worked for me....

Apples and Oranges.

If you are using Quark, the most tempermental program on the planet, and there is no dedicated printer for the people that use Quark, your life will always suck.

Demand an HP 4000 series (or better) printer for the Quark users set-up to be accessed over Ethernet directly (bypass the NT server).

Your network administrator has blocked direct access to printers to reduce chatter, which improves network performance.

Windows land was not invented for Graphic Designers. Since Quark is so fussy and costs $700.00 or more per copy, I think the company can afford double that price on another printer. If they cannot, find another job.


I need more specifics - the thing is, printing from Quark DID work at one point.

Have you eliminated any possiblilty of font conflicts?
Have you found the right print driver at:
and installed it on your Mac?
Do you have all the PPD files you need in the right places?
Have you trashed you Quark prefs?


Yep, I have eliminated font conflicts. Updated the drivers and printer description files, everything.

I have to get our network administrator to try setting up a bypass to allow us to directly connect to the printer. Then I'll let y'all know what happened

its much simpler than this....we use quark at work and if your page setup is wrong it will give you postscript errors. for example if you have landscape mode selected and your page is portrait youll get an error. check ALL your page setup settings and print again. also make sure youve got the right PPD selected in the chooser. (select the printer driver, "setup" and choose the ppd. if none of that works i would reinstall the driver WITH PPD and repeat.


I am an expert at Quark - Everything is set up properly - this is some kind of networking/ Windows NT issue.


I have solved the problem myself by contacting Quark technical support. I did try the other solutions presented: printing from a 4000 series HP printer, going direct instead of using the print spooler and updating all drivers. None of that worked.

The Solution?
In the Chooser on the mac, set up the printer, select PPD, and click on "Generic". NOT "General Postscript Printer" in the selection list on the left, but click the actual "GENERIC" button on the right.

The Quark Tech support person also confirmed that ASCII text encoding will also minimize problems. He said the reason the GENERIC description worked better than the postscript drivers for the specific printers is because that driver is more tolerant of variances in postscript encoding.

Thanks for all your time though.
Try using an older printer driver on your mac (laserWriter instead of laserWriter 8).

who-wudda-thunkit...the set-up button in the chooser...who-wudda-thunkit?


I found the solution - by calling Quark. - Using the "Generic" PPD. (NOT "General Postscript", nor any HP description.)
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