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How do I copy information from a textbox on one form to a textbox on another form from the Add Cmd Button? (Once information from three seperate textboxes are filled and the Add Cmd Button is clicked the information is to be copied to textboxes on another form. )
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wj7sterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want to copy the text from a textbox on Form1 to a textbox on Form2 use:

Form2.Textbox.Text = Form1.Textbox.Text

okudaAuthor Commented:
The answer was good it tells me what code to use to place it on the other form but when I go to the form where it is to be placed the textbox is empty.... why?
Can you list your code here, because I don't understand your question.


Willem Sevenster
okudaAuthor Commented:
Sorry It was my error.. I have fixed the problem.. The code works wonderfully...Thanks....Tim
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