urgent submit question??

I have a page which has links and no buttons.I have to post the values of htm1 to htm2 without using submit buttons but by links in the page.I'm using VBScript.This is very urgent,please help.
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WolfgangRitterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Say the text box on htm2 is named "name" and you need to fill it in with the text "Clinton" and the other textbox is named "wife" and you need to fill it in with the text "Lewinsky".  You would use this:

<A HREF="htm2.html?name1=Clinton&wife=lewinsky">Click here...</A>

Why can't you use a submit button?  Please explain.

 This is the link you have to have on htm1.
<A HREF="htm2?var1=value1&var2=value2" > Text on htm1</B></A>

When you say post do you mean do what the button submit would do if it were in a POST form (contrary to the GET).  Please explain yourself further.
if use javascript , it will be easy either use the post or get method.
I will only offer a javscript suggestion.  You can actually call a function like this in your html.
<A HREF='javascript:subit()'>
Th function can look something like this.
function subit(){
  document.forms[0].submit();  //forms[0] is first form on page
the form should have an method=post parm in the form tag. I am sure something very similar must exist in VBSCRIPT.  If not, you can use both VBSCRIPT and JAVASCRIPT in the same page.
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