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Access Denied on Sharing...

msali asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-23
Hi experts,
I have established a small NT 4.0 based network with 3 8 port hubs and 20 workstations.  I created a Xfiles directory and XMemebr Group with 20 Xusers1, 2, 3...
All Xusers are member of Xmember and Xmember group has full Control over Xfiles directory (FAT).  When i created it and checked the access from all workstations - i had full access.  but during our working hours when all of the users tried to access the directory no one could excepet a couple.  All those who counld not access had an error message of Access Denied on //NTSErver/Xfiles .

Now what is going on.  When after the working hours i tried to access from different ws it did.  IS it NT - should i swithch back to Netware. or is it me doing somting wrong.

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explain a little more because on FAT volume's you don't have any persmissions. so are you talking about "Share" permissions or what?
make sure that the users who are connecting to the share are users who are a part of the local user database of the server they are connecting to or a part of the domain users the server is a PDC of or member of. the rights issue on the server side is another so give some more details.....

Did you set "Maximum allowed" or "Max xx Users" on the share?

Where is the Xfiles dir located and on which machine are the user accounts created ? Please specify in details whether the users have access to any other share on the same machine. Are the users logging on locally or over a network ?


Here we go:
Server: Only one server on the network PDC (Domain Name Roger - computer Name PIMKHINT1)
WorkStations: All loaded with Win95 (TCP/IP - getting ip via DHCP from ROGER)
Global Group: XMember
Users names: XUser1, XUser2....XUser20
MemberShip: All XUsers are Memebr of XMember
Share Directory: XFiles (Placed on PDC 2nd FAT Partition - Primary Partition of PDC is NTFS)

In My computer i clicked on XFiles Directory  -->  Sharing and Gave Full Control to XMember (global Grp)

What else......I guess that should do it:
Problem Statement:
When there is no load on Network i have all the shares.  but during the evening when all users come in and try to share ----boom no connection ?????????

Help me pls.
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Dude1: That's the first time I heard of this....

You don't need any global groups if you have only a single domain. Global groups are used for inter-domain relationships.The directory you want to share is on the PDC, therefore the user accounts must exist on the PDC. You can either give rights individually to each user or create a local group on the PDC just to group the users into one for easy administration. Follow these steps:

1. From user manager create a local group Xgroup. Add all the required users to this group.
2.From either Explorer or My Computer share the Xdir and from the permissions first remove the everyone group then click on the add tab. Select your Domain (Roger) in the List Names From dialog box. Then click on show users and choose the Xgroup and click add. In the type of access give the desired access. Click OK.

Global groups are NOT only used for interdomain relationships. They are used too for adding groups to other groups - you can only put global groups to local groups, not local to local and not local to global. You will find Domain Admins in local Administrators group both on server and workstation.
It makes NO DIFFERENCE assigning rights to local groups or to global groups (only local groups can contain members from other domains)

I know that schmiegu ):

In this case the user has no requirement for a global group. He is not adding users from another domain.



I am doing exactly what MFK is telling me to do - is it my hubs that might be acting funny.  but it is not possible because when i have access denied on XDIR i can see the server PIMKHINT1 - it means my hub is getting me connected.....any thing differnet that i can do???


Activate Auditing and check the entries in security log
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