Screen Resolution on a Compaq LTE 5000

Is it possible to get a higher screen resolution than 640x480 on a compaq LTE5000 (without an external monitor).
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theh95Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I have same laptop like your, for LCD display the max. resolution is 800x600.  Do you load the compaq display driver?, make sure you upgrad the Rompaq for your laptop.  If you you need the latest driver and Rompaq, you can goto compaq web site to download them.
If the technical booklet says the resolution is 640x480 then is not possible to change it because of the characteristics of the Liquid Crystal Display which is "dotted" in the factory
Yes it will _but_ you will need the correct video driver. See below for list of modes and driver download.

The following url lists the available modes
The following url is a driver disk for the cirrus 7543 chipset, they list another driver for the 7548 as well:
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rogerkjAuthor Commented:
I allready have the correct video driver. When I try to switch the resolution to 800x600 the color depth goes to 16 colors and when I restart the computer the resolution is back to 640x480.
rogerkjAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 100
Sounds like there is problem with the driver then.  This should works and it should stay at what you set it.  Try removing the driver and selecting one of the Windows generic laptop drivers in 640/480 then reboot a couple of times to be sure its retaining the correct display setting then reinstall the _correct_ compaq driver.  Ensure you confirm whether you need the 7543 or 7548 driver.
Make sure your Monitor type is not set to 640 X 480.Should be "Laptop Display(800X600)",or the specific model you're using.
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