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Load all forms

DarkAge asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-05-03
I have an MDI form and about 70 forms in it (Yes i know i'm crqzy) the story is that i need to load all of them at start up or a method to refare to them even when they are not loaded, The Forms collection contain only loaded forms and i realy dont want to start typing 70 lines of load X, Load Y, Load M etc.
I need an answer ASAP, Please my job depends on it, Thank you.
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One solution is naming your forms mdiChild(0) ... mdiChild(69)
and do
 for  nI = 0 to 69
    Load mdiChild(nI)

I think that "70 lines of load X, Load Y, Load M" may be the only way out. How can the app know the list of forms that you want until it's told?

You might be able to make a data structure in a disk file or something with the list of forms to load, but that is cumbersome. You CAN load a form from a variable.

'Form1 Code:
Private Sub Form_Load()
    Text1.Text = "Form2"
End Sub

Private Sub Command1_Click()
    LoadFormByName Text1.Text
End Sub

Private Sub LoadFormByName(sFormName As String)
    Dim NewForm As Form
    Set NewForm = Forms.Add(sFormName)
End Sub

You still have the problem of generating the list of forms to load. Maybe you could make a copy of the .VBP file and use that?

We normaly use a the form.count method to unload all forms.
I do suppose, that you could use it to load them all.

He can't use form.count as the count is zero/one since they haven't been loaded yet!


I cant give a form name with ( ), Sorry


Hey mark2150, U'r answer is the one and it's wounderfull thanks, But it looks like it's locked for the other one who was mistaken, I want to grant you the points, You realy saved my neck man, thanks - How can i unlock it and give you the points?

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