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Dial-up Networking and REDIAL option

jjsmyrak asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-28
Is there any way to configure Dial-up networking to redial if provider returns busy signal or time-out.  If not what is the dial-up program to use?
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Yes, If you go to IE select autodial it will redial up to five times and you may want to check www.winfilies.com network section they have freware for dial up


I'm not sure what you mean by go to IE (internet explorer?).  Please be more specific about where I can find the autodial option.  I use the Win98 OS, by the way.

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To make the modem autodial in IE 4.0 or greater, go to View menu->Internet Options...->Connection Tab->Settings button.  This will bring up a window that lets you change various connection settings including the redial option.  You can have it redial as many or as few times as you like, and you can adjust the length of time it takes to redial from here.

Note: If the settings button is grayed out, make sure you have "Connect to internet using modem" 'dotted' as opposed to connect using a local area network.


Thanx a billion!


Thanx a billion!

Sure no problem, glad I could help!
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