Iwas trying to free up some disk space and I deleted winword.exe for microsoft word.  I really need to use word and I can't seem to find a SPECIFIC area in or anywhere else where I might be able to download it and get back to work. I have windows 95  Any suggestions.  Thanks.
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durcaj01Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You will not be able to download winword.exe from anywhere without spending days searching illegal sites.

The reason SETUP.EXE is not working is because the installation was probably performed from another source. You should have the setup program on the PC though. Go to
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office and double click microsoft office setup. You may find it elswhere depending on the version. When you run the setup, click - reinstall all files. This will put back any files that are missing or corrupt.
wooddogAuthor Commented:
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wooddogAuthor Commented:
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Why don't you reinstall your word?
If you can't do a restore/copy (for whatever reasons), why don't you go to find an un-delete program such as contained in Norton Utilities (if you also emptied your wastebasket).
wooddogAuthor Commented:
I've searched for norton utilities but not knowing what address it is or exactly where to look, I'm still lost.  Could you be more specific on norton utilities.

wooddog: just to make some points clear ,
1) you won't find a file called "winword.exe" as this is _the_ essential executable of the whole WORD application.
2) it seems obvious, that you didn't have a licensed WORD version -otherwise you could have simply done a restore from diskette/CD.
3) Norton Utilities is a bunch of tools designed for Windows95 which contains a perfect undelete utility besides other tools, however, it's not for free. If you're willing to recover your "winword.exe" you need to go to a computer-shop and buy it.
4) _if_ there will be someone who goes to send you the executable via email, you need to mention your version of WORD (6.0, 7.0, 8.0/97).
sorry, forgot something essential. Here's the URL from Norton Utilities:
wooddogAuthor Commented:
As you can probably gather, I'm not very converse with computers.  I do have a licenced version of windows and I have tried to reinstall word but it doesn't seem to accept the disc, (set of floppy's).  I have even tried to reinstall windows 95 but the set up process doesn't function.  I get "cannot find setup.exe or one of it's components etc."  Could you explain in simple terms how to reinstall word from my disks as I may be overlooking something basic.
hi, wooddog.

try to copy all your word-setup-disks to your harddisk (e.g. c:\word.ins) where you copy each disk to an adequate subdir (e.g. c:\word.ins\disk1, c:\word.ins\disk2 etc.). then you start setup from c:\word.ins\disk1. if it's a version of word that does not automatically select the appropriate following subdirs, setup will ask you to insert disk2 (disk3, disk4...). here you select the respective subdir you've copied the disk in question to and hit enter. this should work.

maybe you've got a disk failure on your setup-disk 1 (ie. one of the needed files for setup is damaged). if this should be the case, you'll already notice this before (when copying the disks to your harddisk).

try and tell us.

Black Death.
wooddog: If durcaj01's proposal doesn't work, try the following:
1) look for WINWORD.EX_ on all of your diskettes (START - FIND - winword*), if you find it, leave this diskette in your floppy,
2) goto DOS prompt,
3) CD to your WORD directory (usually under C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office -if you have 8.0; or C:\Program Files\Msoffice\Word -if you use 7.0),
4) enter the following: extract a:\winword.ex_ winword.exe -voila
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