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I work in MS-VC++ 5.0. I need a good HelpWriter which can scan through my project files and create a help file. I saw a similar one for Visula Basic & Delphi. Does anyone know for Microsoft VC++ ?
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For a freeware discussion and some good word macros, try here  Look for HelpFileHowTo

You have to write the text your self, bu the macros give yoou buttons to handle all the strange formatting for links and jumps.  Word 95 or 97.

Also check out,  they have a "What's this Help composer" that is pretty slick.

There are a good help writter called HelpScribble. You can download it from Jan sight :

Motaz from Sudan.
jaykuAuthor Commented:
The HelpScrrible can scan Delphi project files I need one for Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0. I downloaded and tried to use. It is good but then the Help compiler that Microsoft provides with Development Studio 97 is better. I need a better one that can scan by C++ project and create help topics. It should be WYSIWYG type. So please suggest me some other tools.
Free Tool: ZipGrep

ZipGrep is a utility that can list and search zip (.war, .ear, .jar, etc) archives for text patterns, without the need to extract the archive's contents.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way to say thank you for being a part of the community.

Check out They do shareware stuff, You could also try Rational Rose. This takes source files (Headers Primarily), and generates documentation.
Sorry I don't know any more.
Before one month I was using one tool with name Genitor.
This programs scans C/C++ source and header files and automatically creates HELP file. It contains all object, function and ... definitions and their code as well.
The problem with Genitor is that you have to create another Genitor's project (NOT C project) with all source files and to clear some miss-unerstandings in the C-code.
Genitor is OWL and MFC compatible.
jaykuAuthor Commented:
I have tried all the possible softwares you told me. In fact they either are windows help creater or for Visual Basic or Delphi. I need one for Microsoft VC++ 5.0. In fact if any one can tell me how to use the microsoft built-in utility Makehm.exe, edit and add more indexes will also solve my problem. I tried to edit the rft file the Appwizard creats, but after compiling the help files all the indexes are not available. So if you can give me a small example or stepts to follow to do this will be very usefull.

Actually, I've tried several methods for creating help files - and the most reliable is to actually create the help file manually (which requires a lot more work though).  I use the Help Workshop for creating context file and I specify all the options, etc. with the .hpj file. I create the RTF files with MS Word (since wordpad doesn't support everything that I need).  Finally, I compile the .hpj file from the project producing the .hlp file.

Yes, I know, easier said then done - it really is a lot of work.  Plus you have to manually map the context id's - yet, it will always be what you want it.  Most of the help creating tools can mess the things up at least a little.

Out of different tools, I liked the most the RoboHelp workshop, but it's costly - I think the PRO version is around $400 or so.
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