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Once more MSDOS & Extended Memory Access

Please don't discuss about the "WHY?" !
I'm a student and I'm also looking for an extended memory manager to use memory larger than 640k. There was a previous question and an answer with a link to a commercial website and commercial program. So, can anybody tell me, where to get a freeware/shareware tool ??? Or perhaps a "low cost" Memory Manager to use for Borland or other compilers???
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If you use Borland Pascal 7.0, you don't need a memory manager - you can build your project as protected mode executable and it will utilize all available memory.
There are several C/C++ compilers that produce 32-bit DOS executables (Watcom, Gnu, CodeBuilder, and may be more) - all they can use the extended memory.

If you plan to use your programs under Windows 95/NT, you can use MSVC++ 5.0/6.0 (and other compilers) to build Windows 95/NT Console applications.

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olingkAuthor Commented:
Dear Bonev,
I'm sorry, I think my question wasn't clear enough. I have no experience with DOS-Extenders and so I'll try to explain my thoughts:
There was a question to the same problem and the answer was a link to a commercial website (www.pharlap.com). At this website, there was an offer for a program (don't know if one should call it tool or library perhaps) that could be used with an e.g. Borland C/C++ compiler. 'cause I can call such a compiler my own, I would be interested in information about a "tool" to use with it.
I would be very pleased if you can give me some websites or perhaps ftp-addresses for more information (also where to get the gnu).
Thank you
If you are just writing text based programs which
need access to 640k+ memory, you can use DJGPP, which is gnu c++ for DOS based
computers. Links below:

ftp://ftp.itp.ac.ru /.8/TeX/CTAN/systems/pdftex/bin/DJGPP

DJGPP manages upper memory access automatically - malloc(300000) is valid.
About 5 years ago I also wanted to use the extended memory from Borland C++ 3.10 (MS-DOS version) and I succeeded to make it work with the Borland Pascal's DOS Extender. I don't remember details about that, but my programs used the all available memory. If you are interested in that, I'll try to find my source codes. I don't promise that I'll find them, though, it was a long time ago.
olingkAuthor Commented:
Dear peter_vc, Bonev, snoegler,
I'd like to thank you all for your tips!
I think, I now have enough material to check out for the next weeks and to wonder about.
At last, you could tell me the easiest way to give some points to Bonev and snoegler.
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