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Injecting a DLL under win95/98

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Last Modified: 2013-11-20

I need to inject a DLL into each process under Win95/98 FROM THE VERY BEGINNING of the system's work. I am aware that the registry key AppInit_DLLs does not work under Win95/98, so I am going to use some system hook. The question is: because I need to inject a DLL into all the processes from the very beginning, how to achieve that my application will be the first starting on the system's boot up? More exactly - how to achieve that my application start BEFORE the shell (Explorer) starts?

As far as I know (I may be wrong) the system starts applications listed in the Run registry key, then in the RunOnce registry key (or vice versa?), then (when Explorer - the shell - starts) in the StartUp folder. So, I guess, I need to make a value under the Run key. But how I achieve that my application will be the FIRST if there may be several values (apps) under the Run key? Will marking it as "0000AAA" be enough?

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>You need no set value in key RunServices, if the are not in >you registry add it. Then add value with first position in sorting >of names or I think tha is value [Default].

Does that read as:

You need to set a value in the key RunServices, if there is no such a key in you registry, add it. Then add a value with first position in sorting of names or I think that is a value [Default].

If so, could you please to make it clear:

My application, specified in the value under RunService key, should it be a true service or simple application (WinMain or main) is enough?

If I run under WinNT - I would need to have the Administrator privilege to start service (modify keys). Is it possible to avoid this?

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