ColdFusion - good or evil

Someone that I've talked to swears by Cold Fusion as an authoring tool.  What's so great about it? and Are there any comparable tools that I should also look at?
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Answers2000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The reason for using ColdFusion is to allow access to the database (and generate pages on the fly using the results)

Most of the other programs mentioned just design static pages.  The standard MS answer for db access tends to end up as writing VB code in Active Server Pages (ASP), which is obviously more work.

If you don't mind code, there's many tools on the market, including some good ones from oracle.

If you want to access the db without code, cold fusion is a good answer.

If you decide you ain't gonna access the database, use one of the tools mentioned in the comments.

The tradeoff between using Cold Fusion (or another high level tool) and using a lower level tool is loss of flexibility.  If you're prepared to write code (ASP, perl, CGI or whatever) you can generally do more with greater flexibility.  The advantage of Cold Fusion etc. is reduced development time.

You're friend is not mad by the way.  I've seen quite a few comparison evaluations of db/web tools in various magazines.  Cold Fusion usually wins or comes near the top.
FrontPage is a comparable tool. It has gotten more good reviews than any other authoring tool. The biggest objection to it is that it tends to change some of your coding to fit some of its propietory features. It has a better price than Cold Fusion. The subject is highly personal. Like asking which word processor is best.
lgroveAuthor Commented:
Any others to consider?
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The latest release of Visual InterDev (v6) from Microsoft is a really great authoring tool for a variety of Web Services.  

What is your target platform?

Visual InterDev is fine but EXPENSIVE.
There are lots of related programs including Visual Page 2 by Symantec, Page Mill by Adobe, Home page V3.0, and others too numerous to mention including some editors free on the web.
IE 4.0 contains a subset of Front Page 98 and is free.
I quote from Windows Magazine October 98 page 101
"...Front Page 98 is now clearly the best all-around tool for both beginners and experts,..."
lgroveAuthor Commented:
Target platforms:

Client: WinNT & Unix

Developer platform: WinNT

Requirements: Must be able to interface with a Oracle database.  Also, must be able to execute and get information from programs on the server.  These programs may be in Java, or C-compiled stand-alone .exe programs.  I'm looking for a very powerfull tool (Cold Fusion looks good, but are there any just as, or more powerful than Cold Fusion).
I have designing web pages for over 2 and a half years and just started with Cold Fusion - The best thing I ever found, it's easy to learn, lets you get at the code to see how things are working and what i find the best - DOES NOT EVEN TRY TO CHANGE YOUR CODE - Not like the likes on MS with Frontpage and Word 97 on I am sure lots of the others.

I started off using HomePage until Allaire took it over.

I have a sin-Bin on my site and although only a few sites have been voted into them all have used the 'so called' WYSIWYG HTML editors.
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