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I'm sorry man, I deleted the question again when I saw that It hadn't been answered.  Then I went to my mailbox and got a message.  Thats the last time I'll delete without checking comments first.
Could you please comment again?

How can I stop stdin from echoing to the screen in UNIX?

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ozoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I hope you've found everything you need to know.
getch() is supported in
#include <curses.h>
but that may come with more bagage than you want.
You may want to check Q.10025757 if you know what flavor of unix this is for.
you might also try
system("stty -echo");
bod_1Author Commented:
Thanks Ozo,
kind of answered two questions for me;
   I was wondering about system's() implementation in UNIX as well.

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bod_1Author Commented:
I searched for curses.h and couldn't find it (I have BorlandC++4 and MSDEV4).
How can I find Q.10025757?

If you're on Unix, you should be able to say
 man curses
 man getch
bod_1Author Commented:
Thanks Ozo.

I think you have to enter an answer for the question before I can give you the points (these show up as comments for me).
I don't see a button asking me to accept answer.
bod_1Author Commented:
Yep, getch has a manual entry on my server.
I'm going to have to take a look at their curses header to see what I'm missing.

Thanks again Ozo.

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