Want to setup intranet on mac

I want to use one single dial-up connection for my three mac connected on local talk. How it is possible.
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One possible software solution is to use Vicom's Internet Gateway.

There is a hardware solution.

There appear to be other hardware solutions.
Search http://www.hotbot.com/ for:
"internet router" +56k
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there is also IpNetRouter...www.sustworks.com (?)...its shareware or something...cheaper
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…also WebRamp,  www.webramp.com

webramp is hardware...and requires 3 modems and 3 phone lines....and is thus much more expensive than either of the software solutions.
having looked into this type of solution quite a bit, Vicom Internet Gateway is the only easy and viable soulution.  If it was only two machines, SurfDoubler (also made by vicom, i think) would work as well.  If you wanted to get really serious about it, one of the machines could run AppleShare IP 6.0 and that would work as well.

however, I don't personally suggest three computers on a dial-up connection... working at an ISP, I can say that there are enough speed problems w/o the extra load.  But, if only one machine would be accessing the net at a time (the others could be doing low bandwith stuff like checking email), it should work ok.
The web ramp is the slickest solution. You do not need 3 phone lines and 3 modems in that you can start with one phone, one modem and expand your bandwidth to two or three modems (one of which can be and ISDN modem). Unfortunately, your problem indicates you are using localtalk and not ethernet. You will need an ethernet bridge that routes TCP/ip to localtalk. All said and done, you could spend a lot less money by providing the individual macs with modems and sharing a couple of accounts if you really have to scrimp.

In response to Timbuk3's comment: if you envision 3 people simultaneously trying to download files quickly, then this is not your best solution (unless you add modems). But if 3 people need to access the net, check mail and such, then this will get them by if they don't mind sharing bandwidth. The bottleneck will not be the 56k modem connection, but localtalks ability to share limited bandwidth.

here in my apt we have 4 computers sharing a 56k modem and unless one person is doing alot of heavy downloading the difference is hardly noticeable. As far as bridging localtalk to TCP/IP youre back to Vicom Internet Gateway.
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