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I am a (soon to be) Notes administrator; at least I hope to be so. The program looks good, and I've started to learn a few basics.

But I have a major problem which I'm sure is very easy to solve. I'm not able to connect to the server. Either something isn't configured properly or something isn't spelled correctly.

When I'm configuring a Notes client at startup, I'm choosing "Network connection" and I get up a dialog box where to put the user name and the mail server name. The network type is TCP/IP. I have tried to write "everything" in these two fields and checked the server document on the server, but I am not able to connect.

The reason why I think this is easy to solve, is that when I fill in the two fields, I get an error message after a while and I click "OK" . I'm then asked to fill inn data about a secondary Notes-server, and when I click on "OK" here, I get a message indicating that the client have been in contact with the server!
Any solution or tip? Things to check for at the server side? The software package I have is Lotus Intranet Starter pack with Notes 4.5.

PS: I've checked the LAN-connection and is pinging the server both by name and IP-address.
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cmagnoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have a firewall between the server and client you must remember that Notes by default use TCP/IP port 1352 (NRPC - Notes Remote Procedure Call) to communicate.

You can use NotesCONNECT to test the TCP/IP connections by selecting the TCP/IP service/port and host name.

Download it from:

With this utility you can check your TCP/IP connection and verify if Lotus Notes Service (or any other TCP/IPservice) is working.

But first I suggest you to make the following change in the hosts file of your Notes client.
Suppose the IP address of your server, so try

(…) NT-ServerName Notes-ServerName  Notes-ServerName/Organization

I hope it solves your problem,

do you have other protocols on your LAN ??

try connecting with another protocol
Check your Server to make sure the server name is correct. Check your Person document to make sure the Username section is correct. Try adding another user, save their ID file to a floppy disk. Reinstall the client and when it asks for the user's info, click the checkbox that says something like "user ID supplied in file". This should work.

P.S. Your problem might be due to several things. Go to It has an excellent newsgroup. Post your question there. Good luck!
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Try to insert the TCP/IP-Number in the Hosts file. It seems that Notes Clients cannot resolve the IP-Adress from DNS properly.
Increase the timeout on the TCP/IP option to 30.  Also if you go to the ports option in user preferences and try the trace connection option in TCP it might give you some answers.
riegsaAuthor Commented:
I have the IP-address to the server in the host file. But this is the network server name. The NT-server name and the Domino server name are not identical.
Perhaps a simple answer to your problem??  Are you making sure that when you are typing in the server information that you are using forward slashes (ie "/") instead of back slashes??  A common mistake!!
riegsaAuthor Commented:
The problem is solved now. I called the domino-server a different name than the NetBIOS-name of the computer. So when I added the domino-name in the hosts-file, everything worked fine. By the way: Is it the simplest solution to call the domino-server the same name as the computer-name or is this not recommended?
Yes, it is the simplest situation. With the same name, Domino and Computer Name, you have no aditional work to do and it is easy to administrate.
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