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clearing a grid control

What is the simplest way to clear a grid control of all it's data?

Code please...

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1 Solution
It is simply doing the following:
If your Grid Control is called Grid1 then all you have to do to clear it is:
dtuckerAuthor Commented:
Clear is not an option with the Grid control.
Clear is for listboxes, comboboxes and the clipboard.

What are you using? VB4 or VB5 and which Grid you are using ?
For MSGrid, there is definitely a "Clear" Property in VB5.

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dtuckerAuthor Commented:
I am using VB4-16bit, and it's just the plain old GRID control.
But I was able to get the code I needed from the sample loan app. that comes with VB4.

I will send a sample code to clear the grid in VB4, give a bit of time.
Suppose your Grid is called Grid1 then the code to clear the whole grid is as follows:
First, Get the number of rows and columns in your grid, you can do that as followed:
Dim intNumberOfRow as integer
Dim intNumnberOfCol as integer
dim i as integer
dim j as integer
     intNumberOfRow = grid1.cols    'Note Cols property is different from col property
     intNumberOfCol = grid1.rows    ' Note Rows property is different from row property

Second, clear every box as a time:

    for i = 0 to (intNumberOfCol-1)        'Numbering of rows and cols start from 0 and not 1
        for j = 0 to (intNumberOfRow-1)
             Grid1.row = j         'set which row has the attention
             Grid1.col = i          'set which column has the attention
             Grid1.text = ""
        next j
    next i

I hope this answered you question and that your points did not go to waste.
If you still need help on this matter, give me a yell

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