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Memory allocation

   1)Whenever I used to allocate memory by declaring char *
and using faralloc , or malloc , etc , I will get a error
"Can't convert void * to char *" because as you know it is declared as void * malloc or faralloc in alloc.h.
  2) Please tell me how to develop a project in c (step by step). Because I tried to develop but when I used to build .prj file it give "Type name expected"
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rbrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have to use a casting after malloc statement since malloc returns a void pointer

char *ptr;

prt=(char *)malloc (size);
manjuceeAuthor Commented:
Hi rbr,
                   Thanks for giving me a solution , I dont know how i forgot this simple logic.
manjuceeAuthor Commented:
Hi rbr,
           What about the second question that i have asked on creating a project in c.
Really I dont know how to do that one. I am facing lot of error message please guide me.
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Which compiler and OS to you use?
What have you done already in your project and which errors do you get?
manjuceeAuthor Commented:
Hi rbr,
                  It's Turbo C++ and OS is Windows NT 4.0
Here is the listing of .prj file
move  // driver program
It is giving "Type name expected" for all i.e., move, menu(),ibm.obj
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