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Win95 "Packed file is Corrupt"

When trying to load Windows 95 I receive a message of Packed File is Corrupt.  Loadfix setup does not correct the problem.  I have an Acer Aspire 133 with 40mg ram 6x cd and 1.6gb hard drive.
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1 Solution
Are you loading from cd, from diskettes or from a hard drive? If from diskettes you have a bad disk, if from the cd, check that the cd is clean. Try copying the setup files to the hard disk and installing from there. If you are installing from a hard drive, it is likely one of the .cab files is bad and you will need to replace it from a backup or from a cdrom
Will post as an answer if it solves the problem.

PSS ID Number: Q72360
Article last modified on 11-23-1994
2.x 3.x 4.x 5.x 6.00 6.20 6.21 6.22

The information in this article applies to:
 - Microsoft MS-DOS operating system versions 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, 6.0
   6.2, 6.21, 6.22
Running an .EXE file that has been "packed" using the EXEPACK utility or
the /EXEPACK linker option may result in the following error message even
though the packed file is intact:
   Packed file corrupt
This behavior is a result of an error in the code that unpacks the
EXE file. You can determine if this is the cause of your problem by
starting a new copy of COMMAND.COM. To do this, type "command"
(without the quotation marks) at the MS-DOS prompt and press ENTER.
(It may be necessary to repeat this several times.) Then try to run
your program.
NOTE: This error is more likely to occur with MS-DOS version 5.0 and
later because it is capable of freeing up more conventional memory.
If the method above is successful, you may resolve the problem in a
more permanent fashion by increasing the FILES and BUFFERS in your
If you are running MS-DOS 5.0 or later, you can resolve this problem by
loading MS-DOS low (by adding the DOS=LOW command to the CONFIG.SYS file)
or by using LOADFIX. LOADFIX ensures that a program is loaded above the
first 64K of conventional memory. For example, to ensure that a program
file named TEST.EXE is loaded above 64K, type the following:
   loadfix test.exe
For more information on LOADFIX, see the version 5.0 "Microsoft MS-DOS
Getting Started" guide. Or, if you are using version 6.0 or 6.2, type the
following at the MS-DOS command prompt:
This problem occurs because of a problem in the EXEPACK.EXE utility
and the LINK.EXE linker utility when the /EXEPACK switch is used. Each
will cause the executable file to be compressed or packed by removing
repeating sequences of identical bytes, allowing the program to occupy
less disk space. The program will then load for execution more
Because of an error in the unpacking algorithm, the error message
"Packed file corrupt" may occur when the packed program is loaded into
memory before the first 64K boundary. By spawning additional copies of
COMMAND.COM or increasing your FILES and BUFFERS sizes, you will
increase the amount of space MS-DOS occupies in memory. This forces
the program to load above the first 64K boundary. This problem was
corrected in version 5.1 of the linker.
This error message may also result if the EXEPACK utility is fooled
into creating a packed file with the same name as the .EXE file. For
example, if the current directory is C:\BIN and you type the following
(the syntax for EXEPACK is "EXEPACK <exe_file> <packed_file>"), the
resulting packed file will probably be corrupt:
   exepack c:\bin\test.exe test.exe
More information on EXEPACK.EXE and LINK.EXE can be found in the "The
MS-DOS Encyclopedia," published by Microsoft Press.
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KBSubcategory: msdos
Additional reference words: 6.22 2.11 3.20 3.21 3.30 3.30a 4.00 4.01 4.01a
LOAD FIX online help 5.00 5.00a 6.00 6.20 6.21 "Packed File is Corrupt"
Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1994.
Try running Win95 Setup from DOS.
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stan_gainesAuthor Commented:
I am loading from CD and have tried 95a, 95b, 98 and nt with the same results.  I changed CD drives.  I have downloaded to hard drive and tried to run setup from there, all with the same results.  Sorry I should have included all this in the original entry.  Thanks    
I advice you to check your hard disk for viruses.
Viruses alwayes corrupt files.

Motaz from Sudan.
stan_gainesAuthor Commented:
I have checked the drive for viruses.  I have re-partitioned the hard drive and reformated it.  I have tried to reinstall the OEM setup from ACER using their Acer First Aid floppy and Resource CD.  I get unzip errors.  I can load anything from floppy.  I read somewhere that I needed to set the BIOS  to PIO mode 1 instead but do not have a way to do it.  I can only turn advanced PIO on or off and I still get the error.
stan_gainesAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 205
Have you tried replacing the ide cable to your cdrom? You might also try moving the cdrom drive to a different ide channel, or minimizing or reseating the memory. Only other things I can think of  are a faulty motherboard or some sort of incompatibility with the hard drive. Did you have this computer set up with another OS before trying to install win95?
It is very clear that it is ur CD-ROM Drive that is the problem not the drivers for it. Try cleaning it up, may be it will start working.When u have a bad CD Drive even if u copy the files to the HD they won't work. If u have access to another CD Drive try using that through share. Otherwise change your CDROM, that is the only possible solution.
stan_gainesAuthor Commented:
I installed another 6x cdrom drive and still got the same results.  I have changed the cable  and the cdrom and hard drive came with the computer so they are compatible.  swwelsh is probably right in that the motherboard may be bad.  I did have NT installed, but reinstalled win95.  
Have you tried swapping out memory chips to see if that works? A faulty or bad memory chip can cause your symptoms.

Is your win95 files on the floppy disk???, If that is the case let me know which disk or files names, and give me you e_mail address the I can e-mail you the files.
stan_gainesAuthor Commented:
I swapped the simms chips and removed all but 16 mg and it still gives the same message.  The operating systems I am trying to load are all on CD.  
stan_gainesAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 220
There are a few things you could eliminate on the motherboard. There should be a setting in the bios to disable external cache memory. You might also eliminate the chance of a bad ide controller on the motherboard, by moving the cdrom to the other channel, or even disabling both the onboard ide channels, and trying an add in ide controller. You could try another cpu chip if you have one to borrow, or move your peripherals to another computer to see if they work properly. At that point, I would give up and start looking at a new motherboard. Sometimes the computer wins.
Try EXTRACTing a Win95 CAB file after you've copied it to the hard drive from CD.See if you still get errors.If so,try copying one of the smaller CABs to a FD on another system,then copy from FD to HD and extract.What we're trying to do here is narrow the fault down to the CD or HD - I.E. are the files arriving bad from the CD or being read bad from the HD.
can you remove your hard disk and put in diffrent system then install win98 just let it finish all files and then put it back to your system and when win98 will but will finish setup by installing all drivers that are needed by your system
Have You scanned for win95 CIH -virus. I've heard that it produces errors especially when unpacking files
It sounds to me like you encountered the problem of 95, and fried something somewhere, during the last year I have come across several people who have tried to reformat without first removeing all hardware, I know modems video cards and processors have been damaged.... Is this what you did? ..... If so you need to start from scratch, take it all appart, only put the monitor, mouse, keybord, and in the mercer I think is cd based for start up so add only the cdrom with these, no hard drive or floppy, then test for booting, dont install at this point...... If it asks to set up 95 or says no fixed disc available, you are fine, other wise its in the processor or drive controler of the MB, .... next add only your old system HD, the one that you boot from.... Test boot, and allow to install, it may find the previouse, but choose to format at this point, then continue install......... Variouse computers are setup differently so if your computer matches what I refere to ( I have only played with about 5 acers mostly about 133MHz), this process should pin point your problem if it's electricle, and direct you to the problem if its software....
Just trying to get your attention.Repost of comment - please reply:

Try EXTRACTing a Win95 CAB file after you've copied it to the hard drive from CD.See if you still get
      errors.If so,try copying one of the smaller CABs to a FD on another system,then copy from FD to HD and
      extract.What we're trying to do here is narrow the fault down to the CD or HD - I.E. are the files arriving bad
      from the CD or being read bad from the HD.
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