can't EMBED a sound file

Posted on 1998-09-22
Last Modified: 2010-04-09
i have the following codes in one of my html file:-

<embed src="" height="2" width="2" autostart="true" loop="true"></embed>

it works fine in IE (i tried WAVs, MIDs and AUs) but not in netscape4 (no sound at all)..the following is configured as the mime-type in Netscape-
extension: WAV
MIME: audio/wav
handled by: Rundll32

why wouldn't it work in netscape.
Question by:eriklee
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ID: 1838014
have you tried adding volume=70 or something that will give some sound :)

Accepted Solution

jervis earned 50 total points
ID: 1838015
Well it's not how the mime-type is configured in Netscape, the actual Problem is: what mime-type is sent to netscape from the server when you request the ""?

For a quick fix, try this:

<embed src="..." height=2 width=2 autostart=true loop=true type="audio/wav">

by the way: are you sure that .au is audio/wav? in my netscape this is linked to the "audio/basic" mime-type. check your plugins page (enter "about:plugins" as url)


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ID: 1838016
AU is audio.  Its playable on unix and pc's alike
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ID: 1838017
.au is the sun audio format and it's not compatible with the normal .wav format used by microsoft (also known as RIFF WAVEfmt, which is the text in the header of an .wav file).

to make things worse, netscape also supports the aiff (or iff-audio) file format for playing audio, which comes from the amiga.


Author Comment

ID: 1838018
hi Jervis,
u gave me some very good pointers..  The only reason Netscape didn't work is there is no helper-application configured (as hinted by u). So i installed BEATNIK - don't ask me why it's just that i plucked Beatnik out of a list of suggested plugins from the netscape site.

However after installing beatnik - i checked the mime helper application within netscape -- audio/mid is still being handled by Rundl32 (which is a microsoft thingy). I tried to followed the instruction from Beatnik to change the helper for midi but the Preferences-panel only has 'application' as an attribute nothing for "plugins". Beatnik is a java thingy with a class file beatnik.class in c:\program files\netscape\communicator\Plugins\  and u can't put this file into the helper-application.

So, even with all this confusion with defining the helper.. netscape/beatnik can still play the midi sound if you double click on the embeded-sound to play even when autostart is true. And when u load a html file with mid or rmi files, java is loaded - suggesting beatnik.class was loaded.

added 20 more points for some more comments. thanks


Expert Comment

ID: 1838019
on my browser, the default plugin to handle audio/midi is still LiveAudio. this plugin comes with the complete communicator package.

there is a difference between plugins, which handle mime-type in your browser window (more or less) and application mime-types. when netscape has downlaoded a file it has no internal plugin for then it searches the application database. if it finds a match in mime-type there, it asks if it should launch the external application with that file.

you cannot change the mime types the plugins handle, you can just view them with typing "about:plugins" in the URL field or by selecting "help->about plugins" in the menu.

maybe you should try SmartUpdate to install the LiveAudio plugin. It cannot be downloaded via the plugins page, because this plugin comes bundled with your navigator4/communicator package.


Author Comment

ID: 1838020
thanks i think i will reinstall Netscape communicator for LIveaudio.

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