OLD Hard drive

I'm just trying to use an old ALPS DR311C901A as a test drive for fiddling with my systems, testing Partition software, etc....
I need a table with the jumper settings so as I can set it up as a slave to an IBM H/D  I just need to know of either a site where I can find it, or if someone can tell me the Jumper settings.....ThanX
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nicademusAuthor Commented:
Hi points because although it's an easy question I need it quick, and I've got points to spend....
Not sure how this will come out looking but here is the info you reqd.  If you can't read it try the following url:

Jumper Settings                  (Viewed from the front of the drive)
               MS2     MS0     SYN    -HSP    -ACT
                   MS1     DC      MS3    -DSP    -C/D
                O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O
                O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O
                   1 drive    2 drives    2 drives
                              (master)    (slave)            
           -C/D     short       short      open
           -ACT     short       Note1      Note1
           -DSP     open        short      open
           -HSP     open        open       Note2
 Note 1    To light the LED on both drives, short -ACT.
 Note 2    If a "slave present" signal is required from the master drive,
           short -HSP.
 Note 3    -ACT and -HSP are connected to the same signal interface line.
           They should NOT be shorted at the same time.

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nicademusAuthor Commented:
Thank You Muchly, it turned out rather well actually.
Well Tabulated.  =)
Hi nicademus,
Glad it all made sense!
Cheers for the points.
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