APM shuts 1 of 2 H.D only

I have shuttle hot 555 m.b with the award bios on it
two H.d cascaded on the primary and the CD on the secondary
The APM is configured to shut down the H.D after 15 min's.
only one gets off.
1. why is that?
2. is it ok to use the APM for HD (damage or somthing)
3. whats better -bios P.M or from the windows P.M
Thanks, amir
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Don't using power manager for the Hard drive, it will damage you drive, but it is ok for CPU, screen.  If you use power manager on HD, when your HD goto sleep mode, the heads in the drives will drop down, when they weakup, it may have chance cause the heads crash on your drives.
Windows 95 powermanagement only shuts down the drive that the operating system is on and not the others if more exist. If you have a newer motherboard, I would suggest using the Power management found within the BIOS. Normally most people don't use power management because the savings can be negligable in most cases.
amirmeAuthor Commented:
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It might help if you told me why your rejected the answer!

amirmeAuthor Commented:
Mike- my P.M runs from the bios if I didnt mention it.
so only 1 of 2 H.D shuts down, do you have any answer to this?
the win95 P.M can only shut the monitor and I dont use it at the moment.
I have no problem to give points, only that I have to get exact
answers that works.

Sorry, I thought that your were using the operating systems power management. Your hard drive may not be spinning down because it is not power management compatible. You may want to check and see and let me know. What type of hard drive is it?

mikecr : the OS power management shuts down all harddrives, it was meant to do so.

theh95 : it's perfectly fine to turn off your hdd. are you saying that you should leave your hdd running 24 hours a day? letting a hdd spin down is the same as powering off a computer. so if you have to leave the computer running to accept incoming faxes etc, it's better to spin down the drive then to leave it running. there are a lot of arguments on this, but if you are a relatively light user, amirme, it's alright to let the drive spin down. for a good argument check out www.pcguide.com

why is it that win95 cannot power down you hdd's? if you have APM, windows 95 should be able to detect it and use that for the hdd's and monitor.


oh yeah. forgot to answer another part.

windows PM is better than the BIOS Pm. this is because you are running the windows os so it is better for it to manage the hardware then to let the bios. sometimes you can cause major problems with bios PM settings. i recommend that you disable bios PM and let windows manage everything.
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