Win 95/NT Dial-Up Networking Phonebook entries

I am trying to create a windows interface similar to the Windows 95/NT dial-up networking app.  In particular I am wondering where the Display Names for installed ISP's are read from to populate the phonebook entries listbox when running the Dial_Up networking software.  I was thinking registry key, or ini file.  Any ideas on how to query these display names would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

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nrobinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to connect to the RAS services, done by connecting to rasapi32 dll.  The function you require is RasEnumEntries.  I have code for this  in Delphi...would you like it?
The following keys in the registry have the information that you are looking for.  


YOu can use the registry api to get the values in each key.  This should be what you are looking for.
Using the registry keys is fine and good, but creating an similar to a 95/NT dial-up app will require more than just the reg. values.

Regards, Nicholas.

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Not really.  Peteyy just wanted to know the names of the services available, and that is what I showed him.  And, if he did want to start a connection, the following code is all that he would need to start one.

Private Sub StartConnection()
   Dim X

   X = Shell("rundll32.exe rnaui.dll,RnaDial " &                           "Your_Connection_Name", 1)
   SendKeys "{enter}", True
End Sub

You sound a bit miffed, didn't mean to upset you.  However petvvy
did say "I am trying to create a windows interface similar to the Windows 95/NT dial-up networking app".

Connecting to the DLL yourself offers you much more control, that can be then delivered to the end user through your own application interface.
No problem here.  You are creating a connection in a more programmically way, but he really didnt ask how to connect.  He just wanted to get the list of names.  Either way, he cant go wrong with both of us answering the quesiton.
peteyyAuthor Commented:
I've implemented the RasEnumEntries and it seems to be doing the trick.  I did notice , however, on someone running an NT box with several ISP phone book entries, that not all these entries were returned from the RASEnumEntries call.  Maybe a little more insight into what this API really gets and how entries should be configured in order retrieve all the right values, would help me in better implementing this functionality.
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