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How would i minimize a program so it minimizes to the tray, or how could i do this: when the user clicks the forms minimize buttons, or on form minimize, instead of minimizeing, it hides the form, cause i know how to do the icon in the tray thing?
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BergJCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Put this code in your Form_Resize function and it will hide the form when you minimize it:

Private Sub Form_Resize()
If Form1.ScaleHeight = 0 And Form1.ScaleWidth = 0 Then
End If

End Sub

look at the knowledge database of microsoft at it explains everything you need to know about tray icon.
cdc_sickleAuthor Commented:
Ok, that worx but... How do i bring it back in the sysMnuTray popup menu
i have a thing in it called open
what code do i put in there to bring it back?
To bring it back, just put the command "YourFormName.Show"  wherever you want the form to reappear.
cdc_sickleAuthor Commented:
i did that but it blinks in the 0,0 possition in the screen and then hides again
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