Make a link open inside a pade with a header

om my main index page, I have several links. Some of these links basically will take the user out of my site. How can I open the link in a page that includes a header (without using frames) so  the user can have a connection back to the index page?
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Launch a separate navigator window and have the links back to your page in it.
Use Javascript to allow links in the other window to change the URL in the main original window.
There is no way of doing this in HTML :-(

You could use CGI though. Tell me if you want some Perl code.

window.opener.location.href =
to change the URL in your original window from the navigator.
slinky, how if khal want to link to www.experts-exchange.htm? How will he put the links at top of EE's home page using JavaScript???

That's not what I mean.
He would launch a new browser window (could be small) which would hold the links back to his pages. The original browser window could go to EE or anywhere else but he would be able to navigate back to his page from the new window that was launch.
Launch a new window with a function like this...
function winOpen(url)

      var hWnd =,"navWindow","width=390,height=8,resizable=no, scrollbars=no");
You can call this from any event you like on your page.
Pass it a URL that contains a link back to your page but use
window.opener so that you can change the URL in the parent window.
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