DLL in Delphi 3

How can I run an *.exe file from a DLL using Delphi 3 ?
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ronit051397Connect With a Mentor Commented:
- Open the DLL dpr.
- In Delphi Menu enter Run\Parameters\
- In the Host Application write the full path of your exe.
dudufAuthor Commented:
I am sorry but my question was not precise enough !
 The DLL has not only to run an EXE file but also to do some other work. So  I actually tried to use ExecuteFile, but it crashes the application !
you need to run it from code or from Delphi design mode?
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dudufAuthor Commented:
I guess the answer is 'from code' because actually it will be an already existing EXE file (written in a language I even do not know).
Did you try Winexec or CreateProcess?
dudufAuthor Commented:
I tried :
 WinExec          ; nothing happened.
 ExecuteFile      ; system crash.
 CreateProcess  ; troubles with user32.dll.
and finally ShellExecute which seems to work nicely (I have to use it a little bit more to be sure).

Thank you for your help.
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