Multiple Profiles Settings

I want to know if i have many users in one machine, how to
keep the preferences of every user separately, because when
we create profiles, and then the users login, the folders or
the signatures that this user creates in the machine 1 doesn´t appear in the machine 2, how do i centralize the preferences for the users??
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linschotenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Goto TOOLS - SERVICES - Microsoft Exchange Server - Properties - Advanced ... at the bottom of the box change the option "Logon network sercurity" from "NT Password Autentication" to "none" each time you run Outlook you will be asked for a Username, Domain, and Password.

In TOOLS - OPTIONS - GENERAL you can "prompt for a profile to be used" and from Control Panel - "Mail and Fax" you can copy, create, modify profiles.
You would want to look into roaming profiles.  Let me know if you need further help.
Individual profiles is one option. Control Panel -> Passwords, and select that "users have individual settings". Exchange profiles are stored in the USER.DAT file that goes in the C:\WINDOWS\PROFILES\username_directory so user related Exchange mailboxes are chosen at Windows Login.
The other way is way is by going to Control Panel -> Mail icon (maybe Mail and Fax)
On the services tab (default) select "Show profiles" and ADD a new profile.
Then run Outlook and goto Tools -> Options and in the General tab and click "Prompt for a profile to be used".
The second option prompts the user to select a profile when outlook is started.

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salbujaAuthor Commented:
I don´t need that the settings in every machine changed when the user logs in
i need that when a user change some of the preferences in the program(outlook) , this preferences goes in some part of the server and are keep it, and when the user try
to login to the email no matter what machine he use the  preferences, the signature, the  personal folders are the same

You know about how to centralize the personal folders, signatures, preferences in the server for individual users???

I haved a few months ago a novell network with pegasus mail and in this program if i create personal distribution list, this list will be available no mather in what machine you login, with outlook when i create personal distribution list, personal folders or something else this things only works in one machine and not in the entire network can you help me with this???
salbujaAuthor Commented:
I'm using microsoft outlook 97(windows 3.11 and windows 95 clients) with exchange server 5.5 on a windows nt 4.0 server network
If your users login to the server, have their *.PST and *.PAB stored on it.  Then where ever they login from, the personal folders and personal address book will be available to them.

From here you have to do one of two configurations:
1. Setup a profile on each system that the user could use.
2. Set each computer for multiple users that downloads a "user profile" from the network.
salbujaAuthor Commented:
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