Help!!!Help!!!MayDay!!!Socket problem

 I am using a CSocket class for transferring info.between two pts.say ,Point1 & Point2.Both point1 and point2 send and receive data.First point1 sends a message and point2 receives it  without problem.Then point2 sends data using the same socket but the data is not received.When I use a TRY block for the Flush() I get a generic exception.I am using a CSocketFile and CArchive.I have also tried to send the data thru a CAsyncSocket::send() fn.It returns a SOCKET_ERROR but when I check for specific exceptions using GetLastError() none is thrown.

    Thanks in advance for Ur replies.
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lucidityConnect With a Mentor Commented:

This is a generic server app which will accept connections then send a response. It does not use any MFC classes so catching exceprions is not a problem.
Please post some of your code.  With it, we can probably help you better.  Thanks.
for socket problem, you should give more clue:
such as if the connectiong still exist(use netstat to see)?
if the point2 can ping point1?
also the code will help
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I'm new to this CSocket. I would be grateful if you could explain what i can do with it and witch file is nessesary to include. If this become clear i could perhaps help you with my old C experience.

Your sincerely
Only if sombody want to answer.
Generic Server?

Hmm when trying to find what Generic means it shows up the word general in the MSVC++ 4.1 tutorial. Must be a bug. Not that i'm beginner but some knowledge does escape my mind.

Yours sincerely
Generic means it just accepts data and places it in a buffer for you to parse and respond.
Thanks lucidity. :-)
let me know how it works out
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