cd rom nota worka

My cd rom will not open the little light flashes when I
boot the system but there seems to be no power it is a matashi cdr 581 and  pentium 100

please help
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MATTCEIConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you're saying the CDROM drawer doesn't open when you push the button:

-Try a clean boot (F8 'Safe Mode Command Prompt Only) right after power-on - to eliminate the possibility of a Lock Cd Drive command being issued from somewhere.

-Locate the 'Manual Override' for opening the drawer manually - usually a small hole on the faceplate that you push a straightened-out paper clip into to force the drawer open.If it still won't open,a CD may be jammed in there (take off cover to get it out) or the drawer mechanism may be jammed (new cdrom time).

-Try a different power plug.The +12volts used for the drawer mechanism may be making poor contact,but you still see the LED because the +5volt line is working.
Do you have a Dos driver for the CDROM?
Please post your autoexec.bat & config.sys files here.
libbaAuthor Commented:
No Im sorry I dont have a dos driver for my cd rom and excuse my ignorance but
were do I find the  autoexec and config sys files
libbaAuthor Commented:
How do I check the 12 voltage and what do I look for.
If changing the power plug fixed it,look for a wider-than-the-other-3 'cylinder' on the yellow wire's connector;squeeze it shut a little.
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