With out Implements Statement

With out implements Statement can i call the Defined Properties/Methods of a class in
an another class...........Can anybody help me out...
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bjbenoitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I beleive that the answer is yes. The implements keyword is used to get to the "events" raised by a class, not the properties/methods. You should be able to get to the properties of another class by instanciating that class (set cclass= new otherclass) in the initialize event of your class.

Also, you may want to refer to www.insteptech.com for a bunch of free information on classes.
madhav_rAuthor Commented:
Can I get  more information about how Visual Basic Implements
Polymor... through Inheriteance.

Here I am going into ground that is not my expertise, but I can tell you that VB implements polymorphism via interfaces (can't really explain it yet) and that VB does not do inheretance despite of what Microsoft may pretend to tell you.

The VB Programmer Guide has a fairly decent chapter on OO in VB
madhav_rAuthor Commented:
That's right!Can u suggest me were I can get more information abou this.

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