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Final Fantasy 7 (for PSX) Gameshark Codes

I need Gameshark codes for the playstation version of Final Fantasy 7.  I already know many of them, so send me the titles of the codes or a short description of what they do and, if I have never heard of them before, I will accpect the answer and they you can send the actual codes in a comment.  That way, if I already have the codes, you won't have had to type in all of the 8000234 2521 or whatever.  I would rather if they were tested so you know that they work.
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1 Solution
Here's all of em...enjoy.

You need a Game Shark or a Pro Action Replay with version 1.98
   software or later.  Some of these codes don't work on a PAR, I don't
   know why.  Don't forget to enter the Master Code (80000000 - 0000)

CHARACTER SELECT - 3RD POSITION                           8009CBDE - FF0x
Enter this code, but replace the last digit with one of the following:

        x = 0  -  Cloud Strife
            1  -  Barret Wallace
            2  -  Tifa Lockheart
            3  -  Aeris Gainsborough
            4  -  Red 13
            5  -  Yuffie Kisaragi
            6  -  Cait Sith         (sometimes, Young Cloud)
            7  -  Vincent Valentine (sometimes, Sephiroth)
            8  -  Cid Hiwind
            9  -  <Young Cloud>
            A  -  <Sephiroth>
            B  -  <Chocobo>
            C  -  <'Nau Purintingu'>  (Now Printing)
            D  -  <'Nau Purintingu'>  (Now Printing)

When you turn on the code, the character in the 3rd position will turn
into whatever character you specified.  You may want to go into the
PHS menu, turn off the code, and put the character in/out of the PHS
groups a few times to 'debug' it a bit.  When you return to the Main
Menu screen, that person will have the portrait/stats. of the desired

It is HIGHLY recommended that you have the 3rd space EMPTY when you
use this code as in some cases, a preexisting character may overlap
with the selected one.  The result is that, when you enter a battle,
that character does not appear, cannot interact, and his/her HP drops
steadily until it hits zero.

Using this code:

Characters all start off at their 'base' level (1).  If you use this
code to get a character that you don't have at the moment (say picking
Aeris while in Disc 2 or 3), they'll have the same stats and abilities
as they did when you last had them in your party.  If you level them
up, change their equipment, etc., then save the game and use the code
to replace them with another character and put them back in, any changes
you made will be saved, too.  Note that if you use this code to get a
character you already have (say, if Cid is in the 3rd position and you
put in the code for Cid), you'll get multiple copies of the character.
This also happens if you have the code on while you try to pull a
character in/out of the active group.  Copied characters disappear when
you exit the PHS menu.  This code also has a chance of starting up the
'error checker' feature (see the 'Super Select' code for details).

Yes, if you save the game, you save the added characters.  The only way
to remove them is to use the code to 'select' a new character, or to
put them in PHS (inactive party) and then return to your Main Menu.
Also note that sticking a 'selected' character in the first position
will make Cloud disappear on-screen (you can still use the cursor).

Finally, note that if you enter a conversation/event with a character
you're not supposed to have (say, Sephiroth outside of the flashback
or Aeris after Disc 1), the game may (and probably will) crash.  The
only exception to this are the 'general' quotes which a character will
say automatically, regardless of who he/she is.

Specific Character info.:

Both Cloud and Aeris become 'permanent' members of either your active
party or the inactive party.  To remove them, you'll have to stick
them in the third position (use Order), and put in a code for one of
your normal characters.

Sephiroth is still controlled by the computer, although you can take or
change his equipment and Materia.  As he only has one weapon (Masamune),
using the 'Item Select' code to have this item is useless as it's the
only weapon he can equip.  Although it will act as if he and Young Cloud
have Limit Breaks, they don't in actuality (if you look, you'll see
that it's Vincent's and Cait's Breaks instead).

This code has trouble realizing who is Cait Sith/Young Cloud and who
is Vincent/Sephiroth, because of the way the characters' data is
stored.  As a result, you may not always get the character you want
when trying to get either of these characters.

The 'Chocobo' and 'Now Printing' are not real characters.  They have
no weapons, statistics, etc. (if you look, you'll see that they
borrow the stats. of another character, usually your leader).  If you
try to enter a battle with one of them in your party, you get the
'overlap' result described above (as they are not playable).

ITEM SELECT                                               8009CCxx - yzzz
Please take note:  As long as you follow the below guidelines (remember
to be careful when putting in the two 'location' digits), this code
should work.  Several people have been complaining that they can't get
the code to work--even the people with the same GS and version number
as mine (1.98).  If you've _carefully_ tried this code and can't get any
results, then you may simply not be able to use the code on your game.
I have NO IDEA what causes this and I'm sorry I can't offer more help to
those with problems concerning this code or the Materia Select code
(they both work in the same manner).

And yes, saving your game with this code _will_ save the items into
memory--you'll still have to be careful that you don't end up with the
'battle' glitch' described below (although it seems as if it's not in
the English version).

An example code would be 8009CCA8 - 202A for the Ghost Hand item, for
those of you who don't understand how the x/y/z entries work.

xx = Location where item appears on the Item Select Screen.  You can
     change this number to enter the code multiple times to have
     multiple items of your choice, but you _must_ use EVEN numbers
     (i.e. C2, 9A, or 88) or the game may glitch.  Also, if this code
     would put an item over an occupied space and not a blank one, the
     game may freeze or the item may not appear.  Finally, try to keep
     the location range between 8_ and C_ or the game may crash.

  y = No. of items; you'll have an infinite amount unless you turn
      the switch off (usually).  The number you enter is converted
      to hexidecimal form (so what you put in won't correlate with
      the # of items you get).  Keep in mind that 0 is a valid
      number and can be used.

zzz = Item name:

000 = Potion                            0A0 = Gatling Gun
001 = Hi-Potion                         0A1 = Assault Gun
002 = X-Potion                          0A2 = Cannon Ball
003 = Ether                             0A3 = Atomic Scissorss
004 = Turbo Ether                       0A4 = Heavy Vulcan
005 = Elixir                            0A5 = Chainsaw
006 = Megalixir                         0A6 = Microlaser
007 = Phoenix Down                      0A7 = A*M Cannon
008 = Antidote                          0A8 = W Machine Gun
009 = Soft                              0A9 = Drill Arm
00A = Maiden's Kiss                     0AA = Solid Bazooka
00B = Cornucopia                        0AB = Rocket Punch
00C = Echo Screen                       0AC = Enemy Launcher
00D = Hyper                             0AD = Pile Banger
00E = Tranquilizer                      0AE = Max Ray
00F = Remedy                            0AF = Missing Score
010 = Smoke Bomb                        0B0 = Mythril Clip
011 = Speed Drink                       0B1 = Diamond Pin
012 = Hero Drink                        0B2 = Silver Barrette
013 = Vaccine                           0B3 = Gold Barrette
014 = Grenade                           0B4 = Adaman Clip
015 = Shrapnel                          0B5 = Crystal Comb
016 = Right arm                         0B6 = Magic Comb
017 = Hourglass                         0B7 = Plus Barrette
018 = Kiss of Death                     0B8 = Centclip
019 = Spider Web                        0B9 = Hairpin
01A = Dream Powder                      0BA = Seraph Comb
01B = Mute Mask                         0BB = Behimoth Horn
01C = War Gong                          0BC = Spring Gun Clip
01D = Loco weed                         0BD = Limited Moon
01E = Fire Fang                         0BE = Guard Stick
01F = Fire Veil                         0BF = Mythril Rod
020 = Antarctic Wind                    0C0 = Full Metal Staff
021 = Ice Crystal                       0C1 = Striking Staff
022 = Bolt Plume                        0C2 = Prism Staff
023 = Swift Bolt                        0C3 = Aurora Rod
024 = Earth Drum                        0C4 = Wizard Staff
025 = Earth Mallet                      0C5 = Wizer Staff
026 = Deadly Waste                      0C6 = Fairy Tale
027 = M-Tentacles                       0C7 = Umbrella
028 = Stardust                          0C8 = Princess Guard
029 = Vampire Fang                      0C9 = Spear
02A = Ghost Hand                        0CA = Slash Lance
02B = Vagyrisk Claw                     0CB = Trident
02C = Light Curtain                     0CC = Mast Axe
02D = Lunar Curtain                     0CD = Partisan
02E = Mirror                            0CE = Viper Halberd
02F = Holy Torch                        0CF = Javelin
030 = Bird Wing                         0D0 = Grow Lance
031 = Dragon Scales                     0D1 = Mop
032 = Impaler                           0D2 = Dragoon Lance
033 = Shrivel                           0D3 = Scimitar
034 = Eye drop                          0D4 = Flayer
035 = Molotov                           0D5 = Spirit Lance
036 = S-mine                            0D6 = Venus Gospel
037 = 8inch Cannon                      0D7 = 4-point Shuriken
038 = Graviball                         0D8 = Boomerang
039 = T/S Bomb                          0D9 = Pinwheel
03A = Ink                               0DA = Razor Ring
03B = Dazers                            0DB = Hawkeye
03C = Dragon Fang                       0DC = Crystal Cross
03D = Cauldron                          0DD = Wind Slash
03E = Sylkis Greens                     0DE = Twin Viper
03F = Reagan Greens                     0DF = Spiral Shuriken
040 = Mimett Greens                     0E0 = Superball
041 = Curiel Greens                     0E1 = Magic Shuriken
042 = Pahsana Greens                    0E2 = Rising Sun
043 = Tantal Greens                     0E3 = Oritsuru
044 = Krakka Greens                     0E4 = Conformer
045 = Gysahl Greens                     0E5 = Yellow M-phone
046 = Tent                              0E6 = Green M-phone
047 = Power Source                      0E7 = Blue M-phone
048 = Guard Source                      0E8 = Red M-phone
049 = Magic Source                      0E9 = Crystal M-phone
04A = Mind Source                       0EA = White M-phone
04B = Speed Source                      0EB = Black M-phone
04C = Luck Source                       0EC = Silver M-phone
04D = Zeio Nut                          0ED = Trumpet Shell
04E = Carob Nut                         0EE = Gold M-phone
04F = Porov Nut                         0EF = Battle Trumpet
050 = Pram Nut                          0F0 = Starlight Phone
051 = Lasan Nut                         0F1 = HP Shout
052 = Saraha Nut                        0F2 = Quicksilver
053 = Luchile Nut                       0F3 = Shotgun
054 = Pepio Nut                         0F4 = Shortbarrel
055 = Battery                           0F5 = Lariat
056 = Tissue                            0F6 = Winchester
057 = Omnislash                         0F7 = Peacemaker
058 = Catastrophe                       0F8 = Buntline
059 = Final Heaven                      0F9 = Long Barrel R
05A = Great Gospel                      0FA = Silver Rifle
05B = Cosmo Memory                      0FB = Sniper CR
05C = All Creation                      0FC = Supershot ST
05D = Chaos                             0FD = Outsider
05E = Highwind                          0FE = Death Penalty
05F = 1/35 Soldier                      0FF = Masamune
060 = Super Sweeper                     100 = Bronze Bangle
061 = Masamune Blade                    101 = Iron Bangle
062 = Save Crystal                      102 = Titan Bangle
063 = Combat Diary                      103 = Mythril Armlet
064 = Autograph                         104 = Carbon Bangle
065 = Gambler                           105 = Silver Armlet
066 = Desert Rose  <new>                106 = Gold Armlet
067 = Earth Harp   <new>                107 = Diamond Bangle
068 = Guide Book   <new>                108 = Crystal Bangle
069 = <blank>                           109 = Platinum Bangle
06A = <blank>                           10A = Rune Armlet
06B = <blank>                           10B = Edincoat
06C = <blank>                           10C = Wizard Bracelet
06D = <blank>                           10D = Adaman Bangle
06E = <blank>                           10E = Gigas Armlet
06F = <blank>                           10F = Imperial Guard
070 = <blank>                           110 = Aegis Armlet
071 = <blank>                           111 = Fourth Bracelet
072 = <blank>                           112 = Warrior Bangle
073 = <blank>                           113 = Shinra Beta
074 = <blank>                           114 = Shinra Alpha
075 = <blank>                           115 = Four Slots
076 = <blank>                           116 = Fire Armlet
077 = <blank>                           117 = Aurora Armlet
078 = <blank>                           118 = Bolt Armlet
079 = <blank>                           119 = Dragon Armlet
07A = <blank>                           11A = Minerva Band
07B = <blank>                           11B = Escort Guard
07C = <blank>                           11C = Mystile
07D = <blank>                           11D = Ziedrich
07E = <blank>                           11E = Precious Watch
07F = <blank>                           11F = Chocobracelet
080 = Buster Sword                      120 = Power Wrist
081 = Mythril Saber                     121 = Protect Vest
082 = Hardedge                          122 = Earring
083 = Butterfly Edge                    123 = Talisman
084 = Enhance Sword                     124 = Choco Feather
085 = Organics                          125 = Amulet
086 = Crystal Sword                     126 = Champion Belt
087 = Force Stealer                     127 = Poison Ring
088 = Rune Blade                        128 = Touph Ring
089 = Murasame                          129 = Circlet
08A = Nail Bat                          12A = Star Pendant
08B = Yoshiyuki                         12B = Silver Glasses
08C = Apocalypse                        12C = Headband
08D = Heaven's Cloud                    12D = Fairy Ring
08E = Ragnarok                          12E = Jem Ring
08F = Ultima Weapon                     12F = White Cape
090 = Leather Glove                     130 = Sprint Shoes
091 = Metal Knuckle                     131 = Peace Ring
092 = Mythril Claw                      132 = Ribbon
093 = Grand Glove                       133 = Fire Ring
094 = Tiger Fang                        134 = Ice Ring
095 = Diamond Knuckle                   135 = Bolt Ring
096 = Dragon Claw                       136 = Tetra Elemental
097 = Crystal Glove                     137 = Safety Bit
098 = Motor Drive                       138 = Fury Ring
099 = Platinum Fist                     139 = Curse Ring
09A = Kaiser Knuckle                    13A = Protect Ring
09B = Work Glove                        13B = Cat's Bell
09C = Powersoul                         13C = Reflect Ring
09D = Master Fist                       13D = Water Ring
09E = God's Hand                        13E = Sneak Glove
09F = Premium Heart                     13F = HypnoCrown

 -   Codes ending in 069 - 07F give you these items.  As of right now,
     I don't know what their purpose is (they may be disabled Key
     Items, I think).
 -   Codes ending in 080 - 08F are swords for Cloud.
 -   Codes ending in 090 - 09F are claws for Tifa.
 -   Codes ending in 0A0 - 0AF are cannons for Barret.
 -   Codes ending in 0B0 - 0BD are combs for Red XIII.
 -   Codes ending in 0BE - 0C8 are rods for Aeris.
 -   Codes ending in 0C9 - 0D6 are spears for Cid.
 -   Codes ending in 0D7 - 0E4 are shurikens for Yuffie.
 -   Codes ending in 0E5 - 0F1 are M-phones for Cait Sith.
 -   Codes ending in 0F2 - 0FE are handguns for Vincent.
     The code ending in 0FF looks like a gun, but it is in
     fact Sephiroth's Masamune blade.
 -   Codes ending in 100 - 11F are defensive bracelets.
 -   Codes ending in 120 - 13F are accessories you equip.
 -   Codes ending in 140 - FFF are 'glitch' items that don't exist
     and have no purpose/effect on the game.

In the Japanese version of FF7, having 'selected' items in your inventory
would cause an 'error checker' to appear (see it's description under the
'Super Select' code listing).

MATERIA SELECT                                            8009D0xx - 00yy
Well well!  Here's an interesting code.  It works very much like the
Item Select code above, except that you have to go into the Materia
Screen.  As long as the switch is up, you have an infinite number of
whatever Materia you've selected.  The only bad thing about this code
is that it will sometimes start off the Materia orbs with 'beyond master'
levels, meaning that you can use all their abilities, but you can't get
another one by mastering it.  According to Mr. DeLucas, this is because
of their position (so if you want a materia with lots of AP, find a
code/position that works and remember it).

xx = Location where the materia appears on the Materia Menu.  You can
     change this number to enter the code multiple times to have
     multiple materia of your choice, but you _must_ use EVEN numbers
     (i.e. A0, C4, or 86) or the game may glitch.  Also, if this code
     would put a materia over an occupied space and not a blank one, the
     game may freeze or the materia may not appear.  Finally, try to
     keep the location range between 8_ and C_ or the game may crash.

yy = Name of Materia:

00 = MP Plus                            2E = (glitch)
01 = HP Plus                            2F = (glitch)
02 = Speed Plus                         30 = Master Command
03 = Magic Plus                         31 = Fire
04 = Luck Plus                          32 = Ice
05 = EXP. Plus                          33 = Earth
06 = Gil Plus                           34 = Lightning
07 = Enemy Away                         35 = Restore
08 = Enemy Plus                         36 = Heal
09 = Chocobo Plus                       37 = Revive
0A = Pre-emptive                        38 = Seal
0B = Long Range                         39 = Mystify
0C = Mega All                           3A = Transform
0D = Counter Attack                     3B = Exit
0E = Slash-All                          3C = Poison
0F = Double Cut                         3D = Demi
10 = Cover                              3E = Barrier
11 = Underwater <now a real materia>    3F = <no name, actually MBarrier>
12 = HP <-> MP                          40 = Comet
13 = W-Magic                            41 = Time
14 = W-Summon                           42 = <no name, actually Reflect>
15 = W-Item                             43 = <no name, actually Rifuabu>
16 = <no name, actually Booster>        44 = Destruct
17 = All                                45 = Contain
18 = Counter                            46 = Full Cure
19 = Magic Counter                      47 = Shield
1A = MP Turbo                           48 = Ultima
1B = MP Absorb                          49 = Master Magic
1C = HP Absorb                          4A = Choco/Mog
1D = Elemental                          4B = Shiva
1E = Added Effect                       4C = Ifrit
1F = Sneak Attack                       4D = Titan
20 = Final Attack                       4E = Ramuh
21 = Added Cut                          4F = Odin
22 = Steal as well                      50 = Leviathan
23 = Quadra Magic                       51 = Bahamut
24 = Steal                              52 = Kjata
25 = Sense                              53 = Alexander
26 = <no name, actually Law>            54 = Phoenix
27 = Throw                              55 = Neo Bahamut
28 = Morph                              56 = Hades
29 = Deathblow                          57 = Typoon
2A = Manipulate                         58 = Bahamut ZERO
2B = Mime                               59 = Knights of Round
2C = Enemy Skill **                     5A = Master Summon
2D = (glitch)                           89 = (glitch)

*   Codes ending in 16, 26, 3F, 42 and 43 are 'disabled' Materia that
    you can't normally get during the game.  In the Japanese game,
    they were still usable, but their abilities, descriptions, and
    other stats. have been removed/altered in this release.

    Note that the Underwater materia has been made into a
    real, usable Materia!  It's not used to revive Aerith, but to
    explore more of the underwater areas (and fight the underwater
    Weapon monster).

**  Starts off with a variable number of stars (usually missing the
    first eight or stars 3, 6, and 7).

 - Codes ending in 00 - 0D, 10 and 12 are Independant Materia.
 - Codes ending in 0E, 0F and 17 - 23 are Combination Materia.
 - Codes ending in 13 - 15, 24, 25, 27 - 2C and 30 are Command Materia.
 - Codes ending in 31 - 3E, 40, 41, and 44 - 49 are Magic Materia.
 - Codes ending in 4A - 5A are Summon Materia.
 - Codes ending in 2D - 2F, 89 are game glitches and not real Materia.
 - However, equipping the '089' materia will raise most of your stats.
   to 255 and your MAX MP to 999, although your HP will be dramatically
 - All other codes (5B - FF, excluding 89) are game glitches and not
   real Materia.

For information on the disabled materia, refer to part 2 of my Japanese
FF7 FAQ.  However, here is a quick explanation:

 16 - Booster : A Support materia with no use.
 26 - Law     : A Command materia with the Throw and Coin abilities.
 3F - MBarrier: A Magic materia with the MBarrier spell (3 levels).
 42 - Reflect : A Magic materia with the Reflect and Wall spells.
 43 - Rifuabu : A Magic materia with the Wall spell (3 levels).


  11 - Underwater Breath : An Independent materia with no use.  This
       was made into a real, usable materia called 'Underwater' in the
       US version.

SUPER SELECT                                              800F389E - 0xxx
NOTE:  As far as I know, you have to enter this in your Comms Link and
turn it on in-game in order for the code to work.  It _will not_ work
with a normal GameShark, as far as I know.  Even with a Comms Link, I'm
having trouble getting it to work (if you can only use Turbo Ethers or
Phoenix Downs, the code isn't behaving properly, BTW).

Basically, this code will let you do just about anything in battle.  It
works like this:

 - Use an item, and it will become whatever item you specified in terms
   of effect.  You do lose one of whichever item you selected, though.

 - Cast a spell, and the spell will instead be the one specified.  The
   amount of MP you lose is determined by the spell you selected via
   this code, not the one you chose in the spell menu.  This also
   applies to using Summons and Enemy Skills.

 - Manipulate an enemy, and you can choose which power you want it to
   use, even ones that aren't listed.

 - Assuming the game doesn't crash :), you can enter an 'error checker'
   mode that allows you to exit out of battle immediately.  This can
   be used against normal enemies and bosses, and while exiting out
   (by pressing L1+R1+Select) doesn't get you any AP, EXP, or Gil, it's
   considered a win for all practical purposes as events will continue
   normally should you exit out of a boss battle, etc.

This code affects all your allies.  You need at least one of the
following in order to make use of this code:

 - One Magic Materia in order to cast spells.
 - One Summon Materia in order to call a summoned monster.
 - One Enemy Skill Materia in order to use Enemy Skills.
 - One Manipulate Materia in order to manipulate enemies.
 - At least one item that is usable in battles in order to change the
   effects of that item.
 - One character who has his Limit Break bar maxed out, at any level.

This chart below shows how the number you enter into the code affects
the resulting commands in battle:

xxx =

0    Potion          Cure            DeathBlow!!         Frog Song
1    Hi Potion       Cure2           Diamond Dust        L4 Suicide
2    X-Potion        Cure3           Hellfire            Magic Hammer
3    Ether           Regen           Judgement Bolt      White Wind
4    Turbo Ether     Poisona         Anger of the Land   Big Guard
5    Elixir          Esuna           Steel-Bladed Sword  Angel Whisper
6    Megalixir       Resist          Tidal Wave          Dragon Force
7    Phoenix Down    Life            Mega Flare          Death Force
8    Antidote        Life2           Tetra-Disaster      Flame Thrower
9    Soft            Mini            Judgement           Laser
A    Maiden's Kiss   Toad            Phoenix Flame       Matra Magic
B    Cornucopia      Sleepel         Giga Flare          Bad Breath
C    Echo Screen     Confu           Black Cauldron      Beta
D    Hyper           Silence         Disintergration     Aqualung
E    Tranquilizer    Berserk         Tera Flare          Trine
F    Remedy          Barrier         Ultimate End        Magic Breath
10   Smoke Bomb      MBarrier        MBarrier            ????
11   Speed Drink     Reflect         Reflect             Goblin Punch
12   Hero Drink      Wall            Wall                Chocobuckle
13   Vaccine         Haste           Haste               L5 Death
14   Grenade         Slow            Slow                Death Sentence
15   Shrapnel        Stop            Stop                Roulette
16   Right arm       DeBarrier       DeBarrier           Shadow Flare
17   Hourglass       DeSpell         DeSpell             Pandora's Box
18   Kiss of Death   Death           Death               Fat-Chocobo
19   Spider Web      Escape          Escape              Gunge Lance
1A   Dream Powder    Remove          Remove              Beat Rush
1B   Mute Mask       Fire            Fire                Somersault
1C   War Gong        Fire2           Fire2               Waterkick
1D   Loco weed       Fire3           Fire3               Meteodrive
1E   Fire Fang       Ice             Ice                 Final Heaven
1F   Fire Veil       Ice             Ice2                Game Over
20   Antarctic Wind  Ice             Ice3                Death Joker
21   Ice Crystal     Bolt            Bolt                <glitch>
22   Bolt Plume      Bolt            <glitch>
23   Swift Bolt      Bolt
24   Earth Drum      Quake
25   Earth Mallet    Quake
26   Deadly Waste    Quake
27   M-Tentacles     Bio
28   Stardust        Bio
29   Vampire Fang    Bio
2A   Ghost Hand      Demi
2B   Vagyrisk Claw   Demi
2C   Light Curtain   Demi
2D   Lunar Curtain   Comet
2E   Mirror          Comet
2F   Holy Torch      Freeze
30   Bird Wing       Break
31   Dragon Scales   Tornado
32   Impaler         Flare
33   Shrivel         FullCure
34   Eye drop        Ultima
35   Molotov         Shield
36   S-mine          <death>
37   8inch Cannon    <blank>
38   Graviball       Choco/Mog
39   T/S Bomb        Shiva
3A   Ink             Ifrit
3B   Dazers          Ramuh
3C   Dragon Fang     Titan
3D   Cauldron        Odin
3E   Sylkis Greens   Leviathan
3F   Reagan Greens   Bahamut
40   Mimett Greens   Kjata
41   Curiel Greens   Alexander
42   Pahsana Greens  Phoenix
43   Tantal Greens   Neo Bahamut
44   Krakka Greens   Hades
45   Gysahl Greens   Typoon
46   Tent            Bahamut ZERO
47   Power Source    Knights of Round
48   Guard Source    Frog Song
49   Magic Source    L4 Suicide
4A   Mind Source     Magic Hammer
4B   Speed Source    White Wind
4C   Luck Source     Big Guard
4D   Zeio Nut        Angel Whisper
4E   Carob Nut       Dragon Force
4F   Porov Nut       Death Force
50   Pram Nut        Flame Thrower
51   Lasan Nut       Laser
52   Saraha Nut      Matra Magic
53   Luchile Nut     Bad Breath
54   Pepio Nut       Beta
55   Battery         Aqualung
56   Tissue          Trine
57   Omnislash       Magic Breath
58   Catastrophe     ????
59   Final Heaven    Goblin Punch
5A   Great Gospel    Chocobuckle
5B   Cosmo Memory    L5 Death
5C   All Creation    Death Sentence
5D   Chaos           Roulette
5E   Highwind        Shadow Flare
5F   1/35 soldier    Pandora's Box
60   Super Sweeper
61   Masamune Blade
62   Save Crystal
63   Combat Diary
64   Autograph
65   Gambler
66   Desert Rose
67   Earth Harp
68   Guide Book

and so on...  (It would take forever to write out the whole thing.  Refer
to the Game Shark item list for the 'Item Select' code if you need help,
and experiment with the other numbers with caution ^_^;)

- After 046, all items will do zero damage when used.  The effect that
  goes with each item changes (Fire2, Vaccine, etc.)

- 036 will instantly summon Death, who will kill one of your
- Using 037 gives you a blank spell, which you can never have enough
  MP to cast.
- Using 038 - 047 casts a spell with the name of a Summoned Monster.
  All of these spells cause immense damage to the enemy, except
  Leviathan, which causes zero damage.
- Using 048 - (onwards) casts a spell with the name of a Enemy Skill.
  The effect upon a target is very strange (looks like an Elixir being
  used, sounds like Barrier, etc.) but the result really is that
  particular Enemy Skill.

- Using 10 - 21 results in a Summon with the name of the current spell,
  and the summoned monster is the base monster onwards.  The result is
  the corresponding base Enemy Skill (for example, 10 makes you cast
  MBarrier, which looks like Choco/Mog, and hits one enemy with the
  effects of Frong Song.  On the other hand, 12 makes you cast Wall,
  which looks like Ifrit, and hits one enemy with the effects of Magic

- Using 17 or 18 doesn't summon anything, but the resulting damage and
  range are similar to the Fat-Chocobo and Gunge Lance summonings.
- Using 1A - 1E result in you casting Roulette.
- Using 1F makes you cast Matra Magic.
- Using 20 really does cause Death Joker (ouch)!

- Assuming you can manipulate an enemy, you need only change the number
  and try to use any of that enemy's powers to see what the result is.
  Note that if you go to far ahead (try to access a power that isn't
  there), you may crash the game or start up the 'error checker'.

- In most cases, using a Limit Break results in the 'error checker'
  starting up.  However, be careful, because you may end up crashing
  the game if the code gives your characters someone else's Limit
  Break (in one case, Red 13 tried to use Gigadunk and the game
  crashed.  Another time, he did Vincent's 'Satan Slam', and it

- Using this code along with the 'Throw' command will hang the game as
  your character tries to throw repeatedly.
- This code may cause enemies or allies to move to different locations
  on the screen, and will interfere with the zoom/position of the
  battle camera.
- Some of the numbers will cause the game to hang.  Others cause the
  'error checker' to appear, so use them with caution.

Okay, as you can tell, this code still requires much more testing.  If
you come up with any interesting results, please let me know.  Right
now, I'm trying to discover an easier, surefire method of calling up
the 'error checker' using this code (as that would allow you to skip
any battle instantly!)

NO TIME LIMIT - ANY CHARACTER                             800E7A48 - 000x
Replace x with:

               0 = Character in the 1st position
               1 = Character in the 2nd position
               2 = Character in the 3rd position

When using this code, the affected character(s) will be given their
chance to act during a battle immediately.  You can also give them new
commands while they are attacking, casting magic, etc (the only
exception is during a Summon or if they get past the initial frames of
a Limit Break).  Otherwise, the battle is played out normally.

This code can lead to some strange situations, like windows that don't
close, or you may have chosen to cast a spell eight times in a row only
to run out of MP after the third one (in which case, you simply waste
the next 5 turns while the message "You don't have enough MP!" appears
on the screen repeatedly.  In some cases, there's nothing you can do
about the windows, but if you try going into that particular window
(say, the Limit Break window), and then exiting out, it should close.

GAIN LOTS OF EXPERIENCE POINTS                            8009D7D8 - xxxx
Replace xxxx with any number; FFFF for the most EXP, 0000 for no EXP.

This code gives you hecka EXP when you win a battle, regardless of what
kind of enemy you fought.  That's all there is to it :)

BATTLE COMMAND SELECT - 1ST POSITION                      8009D8A4 - 02xx
This code will make the third slot in your Battle Command window change
to what you specified using this code:

Replace xx with =

00 = Left            0F = 4x:
01 = Attack          10 = <blank>
02 = Magic           11 = Mug
03 = Summon          12 = Change
04 = Item            13 = Defend
05 = Steal           14 = Limit
06 = Sense           15 = W-Magic
07 = Coin            16 = W-Sum.
08 = Throw           17 = W-Item
09 = Morph           18 = Slash-All
0A = D.blow          19 = 2x-cut
0B = Manip.          1A = Flash
0C = Mime            1B = 4x-cut
0D = E.Skill         1C = <glitch>
0E = All:            1D = <glitch>

Normal abilities will work as they should, but some of them function a
little differently.  Note that none of the commands that make use of
the Summon screen actually reduce your character's MP, although you
must have enough MP to be able to select that summon spell.

Left    - When used, this brings up the Summon Screen (you must have at
          least one equipped Summon Materia for this to work).  Choosing
          a summon results in no effect for that character's turn.

Change  - When used, this brings up the Summon Screen (you must have at
          least one equipped Summon Materia for this to work).  Choosing
          a summon results in the character changing row position.

Defend  - When used, this brings up the Summon Screen (you must have at
          least one equipped Summon Materia for this to work).  Choosing
          a summon results in the character defending for that turn.

Limit   - When used, this brings up the Summon Screen (you must have one
          or more Summon Materia equipped for this to work).  Choosing
          a summon results in the character's respective Limit Break.

The 'Limit' ability is by far the best one, because you can use any
limit break providing you have seven Summon materia equipped (4 in the
case of Vincent, 2 for Cait Sith), without having to change break levels
or fill your Limit Bar.  Even better: if you try to use a Limit Break
you don't have (the 8th summon for most characters, the 2nd, 4th, 6th,
8th and so on for Vincent, or the 2nd, 4th, and so on for Cait Sith),
you get a _perfect_ 'error checker' allowing you to bypass _any_ battle,
boss or otherwise!

Codes submitted by contributors:

submitted by Igancio DeLucas  <>       8009CBDE - 00zz
Replace xx, yy, and zz with the number that represents your character.
This code allows you to choose three characters at one time:

xx, yy, zz = 00  -  Cloud Strife
             01  -  Barret Wallace
             02  -  Tifa Lockheart
             03  -  Aeris Gainsborough
             04  -  Red 13
             05  -  Yuffie Kisaragi
             06  -  Cait Sith         (sometimes, Young Cloud)
             07  -  Vincent Valentine (sometimes, Sephiroth)
             08  -  Cid Hiwind
             09  -  <Young Cloud>
             0A  -  <Sephiroth>
             0B  -  <Chocobo>
             0C  -  <'Nau Purintingu'>  (Now Printing)
             0D  -  <'Nau Purintingu'>  (Now Printing)

With this code, the character in the first position (use the 'Order'
command from the main menu) can be seen in the rendered areas (note that
it may be the second position, this seems to happen from time to time).
In the World Map, your character will be Cloud unless one of the
characters has been specified as Tifa or Cid, in which case, that
character will be the one shown regardless of order.  Note that only
Cloud can climb up ladders and do other acts other than walking or
running, and if you try to do such an activity with another character,
you will hear the sound of that character doing something, but they
won't actually do it, and if you try again, the game may glitch.  Also,
note that your character won't always appear in some areas, and that
they won't actually change until you exit an area.  An even stranger
glitch is that, if you start a game saved in the World Map, that you
are transported, usually out into the ocean at the far edges of the
map.  I haven't found a use for this yet, but it's interesting, to say
the least.

Otherwise, this code works like the CHARACTER SELECT - 3RD POSITION code
listed below, including glitches and game bugs (having a character die
in battle, the trouble with the Sephiroth, Now Printing character codes,
having the leader be invisible, activating the 'error checker', etc.)

USE ANY OPTION ANYWHERE                                   8009D2A4 - xxxx
submitted by Ignacio DeLucas <>        8009D2A6 - 0000
With this code, all of the Main Menu options are available during any
point of the game, even if they are greyed out or not supposed to be
visible w/out the code.

Replace xxxx with 0000 for no options available (heh), but the one you'll
want to use is FFFF, which gives you all abilities.  Note that if you
have less than 3 characters (and no characters in the 'inactive' group),
and you enter the PHS menu, you can't exit out, as you have to make a
three-member party but won't have enough members.

Mr. DeLucas would like to stress that credit is also due to the original
creator of the 'Save Anywhere' code, whoever he/she is, because he used
that person's code as a basis for this one.

submitted by Ignacio DeLucas <>
With this code on, during the part in Junon Town (in Disc 1) where you
are supposed to march behind the soldiers, you can set the percentile
rating you recieve.  Replace xxxx with 0000 for the worst rating, or
5500 for the best rating.

Note that you should turn this code on _after_ the commander tells you to
get in line, or the game may glitch (as in, he'll never ask you to get
moving, so you'll stay marching).

submitted by Ignacio DeLucas <>
With this code activated, during the drill part of Rufus' send-off to
Costa Del Sol (the part where you must follow the soldier's lead and
turn, act, etc.), you can set the score Rufus gives you depending on his
attitude.  Replace xxxx with 0000 for the worst score, or 0014 for the
best score.

submitted by Ignacio DeLucas <>
When turned on, this code can be used to determine the score you'll
receive from the G-Bike game at the Gold Saucer (not the actual G-bike
scenario when you escape from the Shinra Headquarters).  Replace xxxx
with 0000 for the worst score, or 2000 for the best score.

submitted by Ignacio DeLucas <>        800F5D34 - 4000
                                                          800F5D78 - 4000
                                                          800F5DBC - 4000
                                                          800F5E00 - 4000
When you use the 'Sense' command on an enemy, it shows you it's vital
stats.  Afterward, pressing Select and highlighting a 'sensed' enemy
with the cursor (usually when choosing a target), will display that
enemy's amount of current/maximum HP.  With this code activated, you can
see the current/maximum HP of any enemy in the game, as if you had
scanned them.

Note that this code will work on _every_ enemy and boss, but that enemies
that aren't normally able to be 'scanned' may have misleading amounts of
HP, or they may cause this game to freeze, in which case, you'll have to
reset the game.

TURN ANY TAME CHOCOBO INTO A GOLD ONE                     800E5674 - 0004
submitted by Ignacio DeLucas <>

(Yeah, I fixed the 3/E mistake.  Thank you everyone *sarcastic sigh*
for telling me about this, repeatedly.... ^_^;)

(Just to clear up any confusion, this is the same code as my Gold Chocobo
code for the Japanese version of FF7.  However, since Mr. DeLucas not
only tested my code for me but corrected it so that it'd work on the US
version, he gets credit for doing all the work :))

You must be riding a tame chocobo (any color) for this code to work (you
can get tame chocobos in Disc 2 or 3, see the 'breeding' guide for more
information).  When this code is activated, your chocobo will gain all
the abilties that a gold chocobo would have (it can go over rivers,
mountains, the sea, etc.)  Remember, though, you can't leave the World
Map while the code is on, so you'll have to turn off the code before
entering any area.  When you come back out, the chocobo will have
'reverted' to normal, so you'll have to get back on and flip the switch
up again to re-activate the code.  Also, the code sometime glitches if
you enter the desert around the Gold Saucer.

submitted by Ignacio DeLucas <>
Since all of these codes only apply to Cloud, and because they all work
in the same way, I'm listing these codes together:

Any Weapon attack strikes with all Elemental types:
8009D888 - FFFF

This code works just as it says.  However, if an enemy is immune to a
certain type of element, then they will be healed instead of harmed
regardless of the other active elements.

Take half damage from all Elements:
8009D88A - FFFF

Take No damage from all Elements:
8009D88C - FFFF

Absorb all Element damage as HP:
8009D88E - FFFF

(Remember that for these last three codes, you're also able to defend
against the unlisted 'non-element' damage type.)

Any Weapon attack strikes with all Status Ailments:
8009D890 - FFFF
8009D892 - FFFF

(With this code, the 'Petrified' status takes precedence over all other
status afflictions, so while you are attacking with every status effect,
the one that will override the others is 'Petrify'.  If you haven't
already realized this, using Slash All along with this code lets you
petrify all enemies with one attack, instantly making you win the
battle..... :))

Cloud is unaffected by all Status Ailments:
8009D894 - FFFF
8009D896 - FFFF

(Unfortunately, this code seems to affect beneficial status changes as
well, such as Haste.)

GAIN LOTS OF ABILITY POINTS                               8009D7DC - 8FFF
submitted by Jeff Wong <>
When you win a battle, you'll gain lots of AP.  Don't change the number
to a value higher than 8FFF or you won't actually earn the AP listed.

UNLIMITED GIL                                             8009D260 - FFFF
submitted by Jeff Wong <>
This code gives you a huge amount of gil, which you'll always have the
same amount of as long as the switch is up.  You can save your game in
order to retain all the extra money, too.

HAVE 9999 GOLD PIECES AT THE GOLD SAUCER                  8009D3D2 - 270F
submitted by Jeff Wong <>
The title says it all.  You'll have 9999 GP, and if you save the game,
you'll retain all that GP, too.

HAVE 65000 BATTLE POINTS AT THE GOLD SAUCER               8009D3D8 - FDE8
submitted by Jeff Wong <>
edited by Dave Upton   <>
This works much like the last two codes in that you'll have lots of BP,
and that number won't decrease as long as the switch is up.  However,
since BP are temporary, if you leave the Battle Square with the switch
off, all your BP are lost.

NO RANDOM BATTLES WHILE ON THE WORLD MAP                  8007173C - 0000
NO RANDOM BATTLES WHILE IN A RENDERED AREA                8011627C - 0000
submitted by Jeff Wong <>
Both of these codes are listed together because they function similarily,
and you'll want to use them both ^_^;  As long as the switch is up,
you'll never run into battles, however, you _will_ have to fight boss
battles and other unavoidable confrontations.

KEY ITEM SELECT                                           (see below)
submitted by Charles Mac Donald <>

Yup, someone finally came up with a Key Item Select code (I've been
trying to make one since the earliest versions of my Japanese FAQ way
back in March), and it's none other than Charles MacDonald!  I'll let
him explain how the code works from here:

8009 D2C8 FFFF - 1st  16 items
8009 D2CA FFFF - 2nd  16 items
8009 D2CC FFFF - 3rd  16 items
8009 D2CE 0007 - Last  3 items
For those interested, the item(s) you get correspond to the individual
bits enabled within the longword. In regard to the last set of items,
there are only three, so don't enable bits for the non-existant items.

Also, certain key items (Like PHS) you can't use immediately, even
though you have that item.  That's because the use of some items are
story-driven.  You just have to wait [until they become normally

(Okay, back to me!)

Obviously this code is cool because it lets you have all the items, but
as they are story-driven (like CGFM2 sez), you can't (for example),
have the Sector 5 Key in your inventory and return to Midgar City in
Disc One.  Still, though, this code is worth having (since it turns out
it's possible to make one after all).

RettAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much.  These will help a lot.
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