DVD problem with windows98

Posted on 1998-09-27
Last Modified: 2013-12-28
I have just bought a Creative PC-DVD Encore Dxr2 dvd/mpeg2 card and I have a mahor problem.

I havn't yet even got as far as installing the card. Basically when I connect the DVD drive (in place of my existing Cd Rom) when Windows98 starts it hangs about half way throught the boot up process.

This occurs every time, just at the point when Windows is detecting the drive (the light on it comes on).

If I boot from my Windows98 startup disk and select CD-Rom support, the drive is reported as being found but no letter is assigned to it and I cannot access it.

HOWEVER booting from a Windows95 startup disk with generic CD Rom drivers finds the drive and it works fine. Further, the drive works fine on a Windows95 system where I can tested it with the card and played DVD discs no problem.

I have even borrowed a Hitachi DVD drive to use on my machine and this too causes Windows98 to hang during boot-up.

There surely MUST be something I can update about Windows98 to get this to work - I can't be the only person with Windows98 and a DVD drive with problems!!

Can anyone please shed some light on this?

Question by:trekart
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Accepted Solution

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ID: 1645497
Boot into safe mode, it should not even read your CD Drive infoormation.
Once in windows, go to Device manger and remove your old CD Driver, you'll have to re-boot again.
Again in safe mode, go to Add new hardware wizard and load from you're disk or from the CD.

lemme know.

Regards, Bud

Author Comment

ID: 1645498
Unfortunately this is not a solution since the drive does not work with generic windows98 Cdrom drivers from the Emergency Startup disk, yet it does work with a Windows95 Startup disk.
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ID: 1645499
You lost me on that??

Do you have drivers for you DVD?
If so, did you try what I suggested??

Regards, Bud
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ID: 1645500

I tried as suggested and it still causes Win98 to hang when booting in safe mode.

There are no drivers for the DVD drive to be used as a CD Rom drive; only for Mpeg2 playback. Win98 SHOULD recognise it as a CD Rom and use it as such, like Windows95 *does*.

I have created a dual boot 95/98 system temporarility and the DVD drive works fine in 95. Not so in 98. THats the problem!
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ID: 1645501
Well, 1st thing is to reopen this question so othertecks can give you their opinion.

What do you see different about the two startup floppies??

I don't know the answer yet.

Regards, Bud

Expert Comment

ID: 1645502
First and foremost, you need to check your CMOS settings for a couple of things.  Check the standard CMOS settings for hard drives and ensure that auto detect is not enabled for either of the IDE controllers.  The Creative DVD is an ATAPI device, and this may sometimes interfere with the drives detection.  Second, disable the UltraDMA setting for the device that the DVD is using (I.E., primary slave, secondary master, etc.).  Also be sure that power management is enabled in the CMOS.  If it is disabled, Windows 98 it not as stable as it should be.

If you currently have the device setup as a slave to the primary master, try changing it to a master on the secondary IDE controller (you may need a second IDE cable if you don't already have one.)  And you will need to install the DVD daughter card.  Windows 95 is forgiving when it comes to ATAPI hardware devices, but it also uses many 16-bit drivers.  The card is necessary for the 32-bit drivers that Windows 98 is trying to load.

Once that is done, boot the computer to safe mode-command prompt only.  From here check the settings in your config.sys and autoexec.bat files.  If there are any 16-bit drivers being loaded, 'rem' out the statements.  For example:

current config.sys:

REM [CD-ROM Drive]
device=c:\realmode\oakcdrom.sys /D:mscd001
device=c:\windows\himem.sys /testmem:off

modified config.sys:

REM [CD-ROM Drive]
rem device=c:\realmode\oakcdrom.sys /D:mscd001
rem dos=high,umb
rem device=c:\windows\himem.sys /testmem:off

Reboot in SafeMode, and check the Device manager under system settings: Control Panel-->System-->Device Manager.  If there are any CD-ROM devices listed, remove them.  Double check all of the other devices to ensure that there is only one of each device listed.  If there is more than one, remove them all, and let Windows 98 redetect them at startup.  For example, If there are two Standard Floppy Disk Cotroller devices listed under Floppy disk controllers, remove both of them.  Do the same for every device category.  If you see a device listed that you know is not installed on your machine, remove that as well.

Now reboot normally.  Windows 98 should start normally, and detect any devices that were removed in safe mode.  If it hangs during start up again, and you have Virus dectection software installed, reboot in safe mode and uninstall the software.  McAfee has been known to cause problems like this.  If you would like to install virus software in 98, it's best to install Microsoft Plus! 98 which includes McAfee.

Let me know how this works for you.  If you still have problems, feel free to E-mail me:

Good luck,
Tom Armbruster

Expert Comment

ID: 1645503
I have the Encore DVD player running in Win98. You mentioned earlier that there is no plain cdrom driver for the encore DVD player.  You are partialy right. There is none sent in the box, but you can use a NEC dos cdrom driver. I found the drivers on a win95 Boot Disk w/ CDROM support. One question for you. What type of computer and Bios version are you using?

Author Comment

ID: 1645504
Hi Dphilip,

I have a Gigabyte TX motherboard with Award bios. I don't think that should be an issue though as the drive is fine when run in Win95 on the same machine. Its just Win98 causing trouble...

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ID: 1645505
Please refer to
"New Hardware/Software Guide"
"The Complete Guide on DVD"

Regards, Bud

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